What makes theists so certain that a deity exists?

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What makes theists so certain that a deity exists?

What makes theists so certain that at least one deity exists to the point that they would knock on doors and/or join online sites to preach and proselytise?

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It's a form of brainwashing

It's a form of brainwashing really (unfortunately they are washing it in mud). They take "pity" on people that have not been "enlightened" and believe it is their duty to help this "lost souls" reach heaven (or whatever other place they think their going). As for believing in it; these people have either usually been born into the religion or have been "saved" (read brainwashed) by other people knocking around. I'm just speculating as I have never really been involved in a religious church.

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I think most are just raised

I think most are just raised with their parents beliefs. When you get it from birth its hard to shake. I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic school through high school and it was very difficult to question my ingrained beliefs and am only now coming out as an atheist at 33. Other people, I think, just want to believe or want to belong to a community. It makes them feel good to think a higher power exists. They can then use that higher power as an excuse for why everything happens...thereby freeing themselves of any real ownership for what happens to them in their lives. I know a lot of people that hide behind god and their religion...they can then avoid so much in life. Its very sad really.

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Very simple, it's called

Very simple, it's called blind faith, indoctrination and primal fear of going to a place of torture when you die if you do bad things. But in present time, i find it absurd for people to remain blind to reality when so much information is out there. The problem is that some of them are so brianwashed that they even consider the idea of doing research on their religion to be a sin in itself.

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Ok... I hear u you guy but

Ok... I hear u you guy but me I am confused, can you guys please explain to me, what is a deity?

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acording to wikipedia a deity

acording to wikipedia a deity is a being, natural, supernatural or preternatural, with superhuman powers or qualities, and who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred. Believers may consider or believe that they can communicate with the deity, who can respond supernaturally to their entreaties, and that the deity's myths are true

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A deity is a being of sorts

A deity is a being of sorts which can be suppernatural and in one way or another grant prayers or wishes using a set of supernatural abilities. Most deities are created as a means of explaining supernatural or otherwise unexplainable events. Examples: Neptun ruled the seas and controlled the tidal waters. Og the norse god Thor who ruled the thunderstorms. and the christian religions god, which is more of a all-in-one package.

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indoctrination; remember the

indoctrination; remember the accurate definition of faith is to believe in someting without having a good reason to believe; i guess the true reason to have fauth is that it must be conforting to have something to rely on when you lose hope...

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Dieroth is right. It is a

Dieroth is right. It is a form of brainwashing. I was brainwashed when I was a kid to believe that the one and only "God" existed. They have no proof to its existence and no proof that only one exists. It's evil to tell little kids that "God" loves them so much and that he created a place called hell if they don't love him back.

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I believe one of the main

I believe one of the main reasons for people to wish to believe in a deity is their innate need to be reassured there is a "big daddy in the sky" who will protect and care for them as their parents did. And their belief in a soul and an afterlife is a consecuence of their fear of death and the consolation such beliefs provide.
Religious indoctrination of children results in making them prisoners in their own minds at a time when they are intelectually incapable of thinking for themselves. Once they are prisoners they are not able nor willing to free themselves because of the fear that has been instilled in them. This is the worst kind of prison possible!

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