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What a Moron

No. This is actually about me.

For uncounted decades I have been spelling the word:




and would curse the hell out of every damned spell checker for flagging it as a misspelling. And I would always R-Clk > Add to Dictionary. What kind of moron does that make me? To think "I" had the spelling correct all these many decades.

I just used it in a new word processing program I am trying out. Immediately I started cursing up a hellacious storm. I mean I was about to raise a storm to wipe out all life over the whole southwestern United States. I then thought that perhaps I should look it up in a real dictionary. Merriam-Webster's 13th Collegiate Edition.

Lo and behold!! I have been the one was wrong all these decades. And my first thought?

Gads! What a moron.

Just think, this misspelling has been going on for 40 or more years...


Edit: corrected the > character entity

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If all the spelling mistakes

If all the spelling mistakes in all the world through all the ages were gathered together in a single point in time and space it wouldn't make the slightest difference to anithing.

Your humanity and honesty is noted.

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Thanks for sparing the Southwestern states. I'm pretty sure I have a couple of friends out that way. lol

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None of us is immune from

None of us is immune from being wrong. I have learned that I have been wrong about certain things for decades. Happily, and eventually, I have learned of my errors, and will admit to them, and correct them. IMHO, you are doing likewise, arakish, and you deserve kudos and credit for so doing. You're only human, just like the rest of us.

Who knows how many things I still think I'm right about, but I'm actually wrong. Same for all of us. Admittedly, your error of spelling is a trifling one, but only you know the silliness you went through in being annoyed with spell checkers over the years. Hopefully you know how to remove the erroneous spelling psuedoscience' from your spell checkers.

One common misspelling that I observe is when people type the word atheist as 'athiest'. So, who is the most athie of us all ? Whomever they may be, they are the athiest ! ! !


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HO MY GOD! Three dimerits

HO MY GOD! Three dimerits and go to the bakc of the claas. (That's what happens when you are home schooled.)

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Now you can spell it, how do you pronounce it? Is it swayed oh or soo-dough? Back in the early modern era, I learned the former from my high school English teacher, Mr. Blackstick, but these days I hear many people using the former. Naturally, I'm convinced that I'm right and everyone else is wrong.

Just stay off of my blue pseudo shoes.

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Pronounce it? Thusly, an "s"

Pronounce it? Thusly, an "s" sound coupled with a long "oo" as in boot, then add the female deer.


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Only god is perfect.

Only god is perfect.

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Ore you coulde go to cort and

Ore you coulde go to cort and sue Tin Man fer a lot of doe.

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@Cog Re: "Ore you coulde go

@Cog Re: "Ore you coulde go to cort and sue Tin Man fer a lot of doe."

Hah! Ewe shud half hire goles. Ain't knowbuddy nevva gonna git Rich bye sooing me. Yewd bee butter awf steeling a kidds peegy bainc.

Edited for spelling and punctuatiin.

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You people are killing me. My

You people are killing me. My Engrish can hardly keep up with this... (<.< )

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Melet him down then and sele

Melet him down then and sele the tin to Chinese to make sell fones last long time. I by one.

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You native speakers are lucky

You native speakers are lucky. You don't experience the Red Line Festival that I do every time when writing in English...

Also, mistakes recognized - Poony Hoomanity at it's finest! \o/

arakish's picture
Then you ain't never seen me

Then you ain't never seen me type...


Muashkis's picture
Your circumstances are

Your circumstances are justifiable. More so than mine. :(

arakish's picture
You lost me on that one. It

You lost me on that one. It would seem your circumstances are more justifiable than mine.

American English is my native tongue. Thus, I have no excuse for the horrible job I do in typing anything. That is the reason I love the spell checkers. As long as I ain't so moronic I think they are wrong as in the pseudoscience case.


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@Muashkis: Unfortunately for

@Muashkis: Unfortunately for us, you are incorrect. Learning to write demands everyone participate in the Red Line Festival. There is a big difference between writing English and writing English well. The most important thing any English teacher can teach a student is to learn to rewrite. Go back, correct the errors, loose superfluous words and comments, and say things more effectively.

I don't know what country you are in or how they teach you your native language. In Korea, where I currently live as well as in China, Japan and the Philippines, when a teacher gives a writing assignment, the student writes the assignment and hands it is. That's it, game over. At grading time, and I have seen these teachers grade, the teacher gets out their grade book, looks at a paper, puts a tick by a name, and then throws the paper away. No effort if ever made to critically evaluate writing in these countries. Students are not taught to rewrite. Getting the work done is all that matters. Quality of work is never emphasized.

Most westerners have enjoyed the Red Ink Festival and those of us who enjoy writing have been to it thousands of times. Writing is not easy for anyone. You are, by no means. alone.

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I agree wholeheartedly, writing is difficult. *sniffs* And luckily, in Latvia we have a western approach to teaching both local, English, or any other language. Quality is indeed the main factor here, and much to my benefit, we actually had a very closet christian lady from USA voluntarily teaching our grad classes conversational skills. And I honestly don't give a fuck she lacked any degree in education. She kept her faerie in check, critical thinking was encouraged. All we focused on was reading books from various authors, or playing games, mostly scrabble. Whatever we did, it was based on getting an opinion, a matter to talk about, and simply expressing it verbally. Just getting over the insecurity and difficulty language barrier presents. Eternally grateful for those lessons, they have helped me greatly.

...I just wish all theists were like that.

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I am pretty sure that Auto

I am pretty sure that Auto-correct is the real satan!

Muashkis's picture


Never used it, disabled upon first contact. I rather make mistakes and learn from them, than let something else correct my mistakes without me ever even knowing about them.

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And that is true also.

And that is true also. However, sometimes I am the most horrible typist. Without Spell Check, I'd be lost.

Oh... Wait a minute... You said Auto-Correct. Gads I am a moron.

I tend to use Auto-Correct when I am working on my novels to correct the spellings of person's names, place names, etc. For example, I can set Auto-Correct to change the spelling of Dealuman to Deäluman. It is easier to type the former than the later. Other examples: Hatharnd to Hað'arnd. Much easier and does not interrupt the flow as badly.


Edit to add: Now I definitely completely disable Auto-Correct on my cell phone. That is where it turns into a pure evil, wicked, mean, and nasty monster. Gads the horror stories of what it has auto-corrected in my texts...

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If I am on my computer I don

If I am on my computer I don't mind spell check at all. Comes in handy. And if you are using it to intentionally change certain words by your own command and for convenience, then that is just smart and effecient. But - yeah - auto-correct is just plain "evil". I do not need nor want a machine automatically substituting words that IT thinks I should use. If I make a spelling or grammar mistake, I want it to be MY fault, not that of some AI device.

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I hate auto correct. It is

I hate auto correct. It is always disabled. I do run spell check after I have written something and then go back and make changes. Auto correct actually corrects to the proper word about half the time. That's basically useless as far as I am concerned. Half my mistakes have been corrected to words I do not want to use and now I can not even find them because the auto correct function will not recognize them any more. They have all ready been correlated.

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I despise auto-correct. One

I despise auto-correct. One of the very first things I disable whenever I have to get a new phone. I enjoy manipulating words and grammar to express different moods and to convey subtle meanings in my writing. Auto-correct makes doing that a real pain in the ass. Even beyond that, though, I simply do not want a machine thinking for me.

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I also hate auto-correct and

I also hate auto-correct and disable it immediately; but I do like auto-suggest or whatever that is called.

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Yeah, the predictive text

Yeah, the predictive text thing is pretty useful. Saves me some typing time on my phone. (I'm a one-finger typer on my phone. lol)

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For FK sake. I have been

For FK sake. I have been pissed at my phone for years because it had an auto correct function. I never thought to turn the damn thing off. I have no idea why. Possibly because I really don't chat much or send very long Emails. But every now and then it is really a btch to have to go back and keep correcting a word that auto-correct will not allow me to use. Words like berfetk, zrankit, and prefitoulous, which are a common part of anyone's vocabulary are constantly being changed by the damn phone. Actually, I have difficulty because I live in Korea and I really do have to use place names that the phone just hates. Gongju, Daejeon, Suwan, and Semenyuk. Okay, I made up that last name.

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The evils of autocorrect,

The evils of autocorrect, source XKCD.


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