What is your take on those who lure people to get converted

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What is your take on those who lure people to get converted

I find it more common and equally awkward these days that several groups prying on the weaker sections of the society, luring them with money, etc. to convert them into a different religion.

I dont really understand the motive behind this? In many cases, the funding to such groups originate from outside the country in which they engage in this trade

What is your take on this?

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I kinda pity those who do

I kinda pity those who do that. I've seen this before. But they do not offer anything directly but just softly. For example while talking to my neighbor who is financially challenged, they would tell some stories about their church on how they manage to take care of their followers by providing shelters. Financial projects like loans and such. The funny thing about it is that people are not that stupid not to notice what they are doing. So my dear friend Gab just questioned them what does it have to do with him converting and believing the way they do on god. They we're so ashamed they just answered "none" and he sent them away.

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Well said, serjaydee!

Well said, serjaydee!

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This is quite a difficult

This is quite a difficult question for me to answer. I believe that if somebody truly believes in their own religion then I feel it is their duty to tell everyone they can and convert them if possible. If they did not want to convert everyone to their religion, then how good is their religion? If they do this with a pure heart and good intensions then I certainly don't have a problem with it.

Unfortunately the weak and vulnerable of society will always fall victim to someone, that's just survival of the fittest.

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I say that if anyone is dumb

I say that if anyone is dumb enough to be cheated out of their money by religious groups, then they deserve what they get!

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I think most people chose to

I think most people just decide to pretend they believe when their life is really bad for some reason and they find comfort in religion. But i also believe the smarter you are, the more probable it is that you wont be happy conforming with that.

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I understand your point about

I understand your point about "the smarter you are, the more probably it is that you won't be happy conforming with that.", but my father, who is a religious nut but very book smart, finds comfort in his religion. He puts all his faith that 'god' is controlling his life. So, from my experience only, it's not always ones intellect that determines their comfort levels in religion. I on the other hand find it scary that someone can put faith in something, that has no proof of existence, to take care of them. It's just absurd to think that they blindly hope that their life will turn out alright. It's a lack of concern. I find it to be evil to run reckless and just hope there is someone watching over you, controlling your life, but thats just me.

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I cant think of anything

I cant think of anything decent to say about people that do that. But i always make sure they feel questioned by me when i get a chance to call them on their two faced BS.

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I willingly go and challenge

I willingly go and challenge every Jehovas Witness i can get to. It is not out of hate, or with the intention to excessively ridicule them. It is more because i find their tactics quite interesting and their methods are equally entertaining.

They seem to have perfected their recruitment. And, to bind this to the subject. they keep offering me "bible studies" where they will spend time reading their own bible with me and check if i am able to be recruited. I find it worriyng that they have quite the success based on their distribution of Kingdom Halls.

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jehovas witness are the worst

jehovas witness are the worst, they are annoying...i pretty much read the whole bible and whenever they get in front of me i challenge them quoting ther holly book.... its amusing

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