What's Up With the Account Deletions?

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What's Up With the Account Deletions?

You can see all the threads with the "(not verified)" names. Why would anyone come back after about two years and attempt to delete an account? If you don't plan on using it anymore, just don't ever come back.

Easy, peasy.


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Sometimes users request to

Sometimes users request to have their presence on this site removed completely (typically to protect themselves from backlash in the real world). We generally move their posts to the anonymous ("not verified") account.

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In todays world, people will

In todays world, people will sometimes search for things you've said in the past even years ago. Cases of this are becoming too common in the news. Sometimes humorous or innocent things get twisted and can affect your job or your life, or perhaps if you're ever involved in either side of a lawsuit or trying to get an apartment. Doxing (and attempting to get people fired) is going bigtime currently especially targeting critics of Islam.

This is why I never use my actual name online (and never use Facebook). Not just atheism. Anywhere.

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