What's the Motivation?

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What's the Motivation?

I'm quite frankly dumbfounded by the motivation of the theists who log in and spout their nonsense over and over and over again. They avoid direct questions. They admit they have no facts or evidence. They do all they can to fog up any issue. They are not seeking to learn anything as they already know it all. They appear not to be attempting to convert anyone. They seem to want to play imaginary "What if" games, argue semantics, and simply post one inane wild assertion after another? Seriously! What in the hell motivates these people?

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Maybe it's like a Super Mario Brothers game where the players run through the course trying to collect as many "coins" as they can to increase their score. Except in the case of the theists, maybe their god keeps track of some sort of point system? And maybe they get a certain number of points each time they make various "arguments" for their god? And maybe he/she with the most points gets, like, maybe moved closer to the front of the line into heaven, or something like that?... *shrugging shoulders*... Just spit-balling here.

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@TinMan: Atheists: 1,000

@TinMan: Atheists: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000... Theists: 0. And Zero is being generous. They should be in the negative.

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I blame the chilli tacos.

I blame the chilli tacos.

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Well, it's no different than

Well, it's no different than other woo-wooey flim-flamists who spout other kinds of nonsense. Like homeopaths and homeopathy believers being drawn to places where homeopathy and other quackery is being discussed. And conspiracy nutters being drawn to places where conspiracy theories are being laughed at. And each and every one of them really do think they have their own set of "killer" arguments. Even if they have no clue what their woo woo of choice really is all about.

It's kind of like flies being attracted to dung.

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Nice idea. I hadn't thought of that. I think that the reason why promoters of the various forms of woo you mentioned come to promote them on skeptic sites is because they are outraged by the fact that their ideas are being mocked, so they then vent at people and whine about how "uhhhh they just want to bash [belief XYZ] because they have nothing better to do and want to make people miserable while drinking Coke" and self-righteously demand unbounded deference from the skeptics. Which begs the question: If they are offended by their views being criticized and ridiculed, then why patrol the internet for sites that do such? They are in full control of what they expose themselves to online.

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My guess is a mix of:

My guess is a mix of:

- People looking for response. (Trolling, flame baiters, bored, lonely, like attention even if it is negative etc.)

- People that are insecure about what they think so they go here to show themselves why they are right. (Does not mean they actually read responses with proper critical thinking.) But they want to "test" that their ideas are correct... (to themselves.) And show themselves we (atheist) are all heathen fools.

- People that come here actually thinking they are going to save us, (a total buy in of their religion by them) a sort of "accidental offshoot" of any successful religion requirement to "spread." A religion that does not proselytize (and/or by fear/force) spread their ideas, is a religion that will wither and die like thousands before them. Especially nowadays where total adherence by children is no longer a guarantee as everyone is exposed to other ideas now and average children per capable mother has been falling precipitously worldwide the last century or two (can't just reproduce to increase numbers as easily anymore.) --- these people are usually the ones that only last a day or two here.

- Some feel very threatened by "atheist" much more so than people that follow religions even very different from their own. The fact there is atheist and they organize even a little on a website is a threat, to them the very concept of "atheist" is an attack on their religion by basically calling them fools and suckers. No one wants to be thought of as a fool or a sucker, that core aspects of their lives taught to them by people they thought they trusted are actually lies. And worse still lies means that all those people are suckers/fools/etc as well.



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My hypothesis is that it just

My hypothesis is that it just makes them feel superior to be "holier-than-thou". However, I honestly don't know for sure... [sarcasm]therefore the answer is NOGODDIDIT![/sarcasm]

Another idea is that they are getting desperate to "save our souls", so they regurgitate the same old tired clichés that we have already dismantled countless times over, in the hope that it might override all rational thought and cause us to magically transform into Christians/Muslims (depending on who it is). They can't come up with that many other arguments, so that's why they keep repeating the same old PRATTs. (Point Refuted A Thousand Times)

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Some actually believe in the

Some actually believe in the transformative power of the holy ghost through their typing the god inspired words of their epistles and sermons.

Either we succumb to their infinite spritual wisdom or at the very least they earn brownie points in heaven when derided by heathens.

If you can believe in the dead coming back to life, theres no limit to, nor any amount of reason that can prevent you from, believing any bles-sed thing you want.

But to their credit I can believe most really dont want us to burn in their monstrously misconceived concept of hell. Its their humanity glimpsing through the insane vengence of their imaginings of a vain and malicious omnipotent god.

Oh...AND the chili tacos.

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Well if you put yourself into

Well if you put yourself into their shoes and you genuinely believed there is a God and some kind of eternal after life based on faith in this God and you have a bunch of daft punks on a forum who for some reason don't understand this truth for some strange reason, you would attempt to reach out to these poor misguided wretches. You would try and steer onto the proper path that yourself are on, you would be a bit of an ass if you didn't try.

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"deny-everything" and "my-god

"deny-everything" and "my-god-only" types seem to already have the answer to save the rest of us.

no matter what.

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@noreason Re: ""deny

@noreason Re: ""deny-everything" and "my-god-only" types seem to already have the answer to save the rest of us. no matter what."

Yep. You nailed it. And for many of them the motto is, "We'll save you, even if we have to kill you in the process."... *chuckle*...

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I don’t believe they use

I don’t believe they use enough lubricant while masturbating. Those genital blisters make it hard to reason with facts!

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I like the idea of using the

I like the idea of using the wrong organ for thinking. They swear it is with their heart that they know God and the empirical of Jesus but I am highly suspicious and am inclined to agree with Pirate Jack. The organ they are using for thinking may be situated to the great divide just south of the heart. Good Observation.

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Not to mention the organ that their sky-daddy seems to be the most obsessed with.

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