Whats the stupidest claim you have seen from religious flock?

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I once asked a JW elder if I

I once asked a JW elder if I would be killed in Armageddon if I did not agree with them and left JW's, and he refused to answer. But of course I knew the answer was yes.

And their two witness rule in child abuse cases gets my blood boiling...what pedophile would molest a child with a witness watching? Sickening!

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@Fallen And I thought the RCC

@Fallen And I thought the RCC's child sex scandal was disgusting.

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A Christian doctor treating a

A Christian doctor treating a vegetarian vampire?

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One of my favorites,...

One of my favorites,...

"Adam and Eve are only symbolic". The symbolic nonsense. It is the best way for them to avoid tough questions about morality.

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So they're basically saying

So they're basically saying that they're imaginary. Why isn't this in FSTDT (Fundies Say The Darndest Things), along with "what you call 'circular reasoning' I call 'Faith™'", and pure gold: "Reason is the biggest enemy that faith has"?

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"You cannot prove God does

"You cannot prove God does not exist; therefore, God exists."

Then they fail to see how the opposite is also true.


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@Arakish And also, you could

@Arakish And also, you could use the exact same argument for just about any given claim that is preposterous and unfalsifiable.

Example of how this logic fails:

Person 1: I have a pet unicorn named Billy. You can't see him, feel him, smell him, or hear him. But I can assure you that he exists, and if you deny it, then he'll skewer you with his horn for eternity after you die.

Person 2: Okaay... but how will I know that he exists?

Person 1: First, you must accept that you can't see him, hear him, smell him, or hear him, and that he has no visible effect on the world around him.

Person 2: So you're basically saying that there's no proof that he actually exists.

Person 1: There IS proof, but only for those who open up their hearts and let Billy inside, because he gave you free will. Use it as he wants you to or get skewered!

Person 2: Circular reasoning is no evidence; Rohan's Razor.

Person 1: Oh, but you can't prove that Billy doesn't exist, now can you? Therefore, he must be real. You lack faith, even when the proof is right in front of you. You will sadly be skewered for mocking Billy; I look forward to seeing you bemoan your insolence.

Person 2: *FACEPALMS*

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Hahaha yeah that one just makes me wanna kick them in the ****

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Couldn't agree more...

Couldn't agree more... shifting the burden of proof. SFT's favorite debating tactic. "Prove Allah doesn't exist!"

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watch this for some funhttps:
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Yeah, that guy is out there

Yeah, that guy is out there beyond left field...

All his videos should be preceded with, "Warning: We can not be responsible for any injuries accrued due to facepalming."


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@arakish Or better yet: "We

@arakish Or better yet: "We cannot be responsible for any lost brain cells due to watching this video." In fact, I sometimes think that they should add that warning above the comments section of all videos, as that is where idiots of all stripes go to accuse, flame, bicker, turn against each other, and engage in voting wars on each other's comments.

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@ Cognostic

@ Cognostic

"God heals"

Isn't it odd that all the faith healers that I have ever seen do their healing internally? Never an arm, leg, etc! Would not all the children's hospitals and VA hospitals need a little help?

Isn't it odd that a lot of them are filthy rich!

Isn't it odd that no one that I have ever heard of in all of history has ever moved mountains purely through faith! After all, jesus said all a person needs is faith the size of a mustard seed.

Isn't it odd that we don't see anyone "known by everyone" raised from the dead?(like Lazarus or jesus)
Excluding Elvis, has anyone any evidence of this? I mean, if John F. Kennedy came back or Martin Luther King Jr., or Abraham Lincoln, ok, maybe even Elvis Presley came back, I'd at least take another look at this faith stuff. Think of the press! Talk about getting the band back together!

Isn't it odd that all the good stuff happened in the 1st century with no credible 3rd party witnesses?

Several years ago I had a neighbor who had a child that required surgery(highly recommended by her doctors). He chose to take her to church and pray instead! I told my wife then what an irresponsible parent he was! The little girl is now having to live with his decision! Of course, it's god's will that she be dependent on them for the rest of her life.

One thing I have learned in this life when dealing with people, look at what someone is doing instead of what their sayin!

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OH! and the grandest of all

OH! and the grandest of all circulars.

"The Bible is the Word of God because the Bible says it is the Word of God."


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@arakish And I'll do you one

@arakish And I'll do you one better (and this is the one they use to try and wiggle their way out of tough questions about science vs. myth and superstition): "Science is impossible without God, because he made it." The biggest hole in this one is that in order for it to appear even remotely sound, you have to already believe in this particular God figure and see everything through the narrow lens of Christianity to begin with (Rohan's Razor). And also, there is no objective, authentic, verifiable evidence that he even created the Universe. Furthermore, science as scientists currently know it does not have any need for huge assertions like "magic man must have done it" whatsoever (Occam's Razor); for example, I could say that science needs magical pixie dust in order to work, and it wouldn't have any more merit. And also, just the simple fact that scientific knowledge so often has a habit of getting people to first realize that religion makes no sense; like it contributed to my own deconversion when, about 2 years before I really started doubting, I looked back on what is currently known about the age and history of the Universe and couldn't help but feel that it was inconsistent with omnipotence and "intelligent design"; however, this wasn't enough at the time due to all my "what-if" rationalizations, but later helped shake my faith. If God were omnipotent and all-loving, he would have noticed this flaw and fixed science so that it wouldn't "lead people away" from him. Thus, like the Problem of Evil, it can be deduced that he's either impotent (aka "free will"), ignorant (aka Deism), or imaginary (what I think is the case). I don't think it's likely that he's impotent, because on the off-chance that he did magically create the universe, then it doesn't make sense that he would be unable to control it and would have to give us "free will". If he were real and ignorant, then I can't see why he would suddenly feel like conjuring the universe only to apparently abandon it almost immediately afterwards (seeing as there was a more than 9 billion year gap in between the Big Bang and the formation of our life-supporting planet). Thus, IMO the most likely possibility is that he = (-1)^(1/2).

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"Atheism is a religion."

"Atheism is a religion."

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@Secular Samurai Re:

@Secular Samurai Re: "Atheism is a religion."

Yep, that one still cracks me up every time. If I am in the right mood whenever I hear that, my usual reply is something along the lines of, "Oh! Fantastic! Then that must mean that your lack of belief in unicorns (or any other mystical creature of choice) is a religion. Super!" lol

By the way, that is a kick-ass profile pic! Awesome! Welcome to the AR. Always good to have another warrior among us. Come on in and make yourself at home. Hope to see you more out on the field.

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@Secular Samurai Agreed. Yeah

@Secular Samurai Agreed. Yeah, atheism is a religion like unemployment is a job.

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New Stupidest Claim: AJ777

New Stupidest Claim: AJ777 is not a troll.

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Cog wins!... *handing over

Cog wins!... *handing over trophy and blue ribbon*....

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@Cog That SFT really is

@Cog That SFT really is "searching for truth".

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@OP Oh, I've got one I saw

@OP Oh, I've got one I saw once on FFAF's Facebook page:

If atheism isn't a religion, then why does it end in "ism"? XD
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About 30 years ago my wife

About 30 years ago my wife and I attended church regularly and participated in the spiritual events. We even went on a weekend church retreat. One of the sessions there concerned prayer, its outcome and one’s acceptance of the results.

Now, in a normal life, things happen randomly, and based on our experiences we tend to categorize these events as positive or negative. Therefore, when a negative event X occurs, one would pray for Anti-X to reverse or ameliorate its effects. The effects of X may be minimized by say appropriate medical care, life management, etc. In such cases, hey, a miracle, our prayers were answered. Of course, X may be refractory to prayer and care, and its effects persist or worsen. Prayers not answered.

While praying for Anti-X, another event, Y, may occur that, statistically, happens to be positive but is totally unrelated to X. How did the minister explain this? I will quote him directly.

“We should be grateful for the miracle we received, even if it’s not the one we prayed for. God knows our real needs and tends those.”

See guys, heads you win, tails you win, you just have to know how to spin it.

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Ah... good ol' mental

Ah... good ol' mental gymnastics. I could literally write an entire book on all of those.

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After a disaster someone

After a disaster someone inevitably will need to say they will pray for the victims, or it was/is gods will or other such nonsense.

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Couldn't agree more. If it's

Couldn't agree more. If it's God's Will, then he is a cruel, sadistic monster. Oh but then again, he works in Mysterious Ways... I will never be able to understand it, as I am too stupid, and Who Am I To Judge...

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A Christian I know ... a "the

A Christian I know ... a "the bible is the inerrant word of God" ..."evolution is bullshit" ... "God created the universe 6,000 years ago" Christian ... is morbidly obese. When I suggested that he prays to God to help him lose weight he immediately responded by saying that his weight problem was genetic.

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Wow... what a hypocrite.

Wow... what a hypocrite.

Also, I would suggest showing this to him, just for the irony of it all:

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I mean... the debate room has

I mean... the debate room has been blowing up with stupidity. It can't be good for my health. One should not eat so much popcorn.

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Yeah I know... all those

@Secular SOBE Yeah I know... all those drive-by theists who expect their endless proselytizing (in the absence of actual argumentation) to magically override all rational thought and turn us all into believers, when in reality it's all just the same old tired talking points that we've already refuted countless times, and that they then refuse to back up when asked to do so- and then seriously wonder why they never succeed. What you said is exactly the reason why I normally stay away from the debate room... to preserve my IQ.


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