Why Islam is Worse than Nazism

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Why Islam is Worse than Nazism

Why Islam is Worse Than Nazism
by Serkan Engin

I am an atheist author and poet, who had lived as a Sunni Muslim for 23 years from birth, and I am still living in a Muslim country, Turkey. Also, my parents and all of my relatives are still Muslim. So, my critics about Islam can be easily consider this an inside view.

I know that the title of this essay seems assertive, but I will explain the rightness of this title step-by-step in this essay.

First of all, you have to learn about Islam that if you are an “outsider”, a non-Muslim, for example, a Christian, an atheist, a Buddhist, a Jew or whatever else, all Muslims have the “right” of killing and raping you, grabbing all your properties, your country, land, money and anything else. They take this “right” from the book of their belief, the Quran. In other words, they take this “right” from their belief’s core, the theology of Islam.

Here are some examples of this in verses from Quran.

This verse of Quran is about “all non-Muslims”, all “heretics”! — Christians, Buddhists, atheists, Jews, etc. — describing them “who wage war against Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad)”

Surat Al-Ma’idah (5.33)


“Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.”

And this verse of the Quran is about the order to kill the humans who left Islam, the apostates:

Surat An-Nisa’ (4.89)


“They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah. But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.”

Look at the current situation in Syria. How can Islamist terrorists slaughter Alawite people or rape Christian women so easily? Because they take this “right” from their belief and they believe that they will go to the heaven because of these vandalistic actions against “outsiders”, who are out of Islam, who don’t believe the same religious tenets — in other words, those who are the “heretics” according to their belief. Some Muslims say, “But they are not the real Muslims.” That is a big lie; that is the exact form of real Islam, because these vandalistic actions are in accord with the orders of Quran.

You have heard many times that “Islam is a tolerant religion”. That is the biggest lie that you can hear all over the World, and this lie is used as a mask to hide the terrible face of Islam. There is NO difference between Islam and Islamism. This is the main error that the modern world make about Islam. There are not different forms as Islam and Islamism, they are the same thing, and they have the same content. This separation is just only an illusion, and it is used by Muslims to hide the brutal, hateful, oppressive,murderous, genocidal face of Islam.

Islamic theology is based on the verses of the Quran and Hadith. Hadiths are the words and actions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and all Muslims must follow these words and actions in addition to the orders of Quran. For example, you have to defecate as Muhammad did, and you have to clean yourself as he did, or you can rape and enslave a “heretic” woman in a war as a sex slave as Muhammad did, or you can torture your enemy in a war to learn the place of his hidden money, as Muhammad did.

You “must” cut the hand of a thief as Muhammad did, not give him any prison sentence as do the modern laws.

You must stone a woman to death as Muhammad did, because she had sex outside of the rules of Islam (but you must only whip her partner a hundred times). If you are a Muslim, you can never set them free while considering that their sexual actions are about their own personal relations and freedom, in accord with modern laws. You must definitely apply the punishments of Muhammad such as stoning the woman to the death and whipping her partner a hundred times if you want to be a good Muslim.

You must kill the man who left the belief of Islam, as Muhammad did. You can’t say “This is his own choice and he has the freedom of thought and belief”, because it is an order of the Quran that you “must” kill the persons who were Muslim before and then left the Islamic religion.

You must kill all homosexuals according to the orders of Islam. No Muslims can say according to Islam that their sexual orientation is their own natural right, in accord with the human rights norms of our age.

You have the “right” to marry a little girl at 9 years old, as Muhammad did. In other words, you can rape a little child legally in Islam and make her a sex slave, and also a domestic slave till the end of her life.

You can lie alongside of your dead wife for 6 hours, as Muhammad did. In other words, you can rape the dead body of your wife for 6 hours after her death.

Here is Islam…Here is the “tolerant religion”…Here is the right way to the heaven…Here are the orders of Allah…Here are the actions of Muhammad…

You can easily see how civilized the Muslim countries of the world are because of Islam, such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Iran, Sudan and the others. You can see how much they have contributed to the history of philosophy, the history of art, and the history of science of the whole world. You can see how respectful they are to human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, the freedom of expression and thought, the freedom of the press, the freedom of belief, etc.

The first genocide wave of 20th century, the Armenian Genocide, the Assyrian Genocide and the Pontic Greek Genocide, was perpetrated by Turkish and Kurdish people of the Ottoman Empire and the new Turkish Republic, getting motivation from the “rights” that they had because of Islam: the “rights” of killing and raping the non-Muslims, enslaving their women and little girls as sex slaves and also domestic slaves, and grabbing their money, houses and lands. However, “The Committee of Union and Progress” (CUP) (Turkish: İttihat ve Terakki Cemiyeti) was based on Turkish nationalism; they used Turkish and Kurdish people easily for these genocides because of the Islamic religion’s content about non-Muslims. All the Turkish and Kurdish Muslims believed that they would go to the heaven if they killed more non-Muslims, as do today’s Islamist terrorists.

The owners of the second genocide wave of 20th century were Nazis, as you know. They took the genocides of the Turks as a sample. It is know that Adolf Hitler said to his military commanders, “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?,” while they were talking about the reaction of the world about the genocides that they were planning to perpetrate.

Nazism was considered a legal and respectable ideology at the beginning of the 1930s, and then the world saw how dangerous Nazism was. Millions of people died because of Nazism, and today it is illegal to support Nazism in any civilized country. You can never make propaganda about Nazism legally. Today, Nazism is not considered as a genuine thought alternative, and it is not included in the freedom of thought and expression.

As I have detailed above, Islam is against the human rights norms of our age, and it has more dangerous content than Nazism. Islam is not a belief alternative, it is just a crime against humanity, and any crime shouldn’t have freedom in our modern world. So, Islam must be declared illegal all over the world, as is Nazism, because of its vandal content and commands that are against human rights. All actions about Islam must be forbidden and the propagandists of Islam must be judged because of instigating to the crimes of murder, rape, grab and crimes against humanity. Otherwise, the world will meet with a big tragedy when the Islamists will get more power, as the world suffered because of Nazism.



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This is very true:

This is very true:
"Nazism was considered [by many] a legal and respectable ideology at the beginning of the 1930s, and then the world saw how dangerous Nazism was. Millions of people died because of Nazism."

This is more doubtful:
"There is NO difference between Islam and Islamism. This is the main error that the modern world make about Islam. There are not different forms as Islam and Islamism, they are the same thing, and they have the same content. This separation is just only an illusion, and it is used by Muslims to hide the brutal, hateful, oppressive, murderous, genocidal face of Islam."
There is a world of difference between the authoritarianism of Erdogan (Turkey), the intolerance of El-Sisi (Egypt); the mindless brutality of Al-Baghdadi (Da’esh) and the respected Mr Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London, England). Their versions of Islam seem very different.

I am concerned where they do all seem to agree. So many Muslims don’t support separation of Church and State. Sharia law and religious courts are fundamentally at odds with ‘one law for all’. Islamic banking, praying 5 times daily and fasting all conflict with modern work and commercial environments to nobody’s benefit. Faith schools undermine community education. Creationism undermines science. Religion generally undermines critical thinking. Kosher/Halal conflicts with animal rights and so forth, but such fundamentalism and superstition is propagated by other religionists too.

I would like to know what Mr Khan says about this:
"You “must” cut the hand of a thief as Muhammad did, not give him any prison sentence as do the modern laws."
but I suspect Mr Khan would accept that anyone can leave any religion and shouldn’t have to fear consequences:
Quote Serkan again: You must kill the man who left the belief of Islam, as Muhammad did. You can’t say “This is his own choice and he has the freedom of thought and belief”

(Nov 2010)

This suggests that there are a great many Islams, one for everyone on the spectrum from ‘moderately religious’ to violent criminal.

Even Al-Sistani of Iraq favors separation of Church and State. From:
"Sistani supports an Islamic state that is compatible with elections, freedom of religion, and other civil liberties."

Perhaps we will know people by their actions.

It is understandable that people see parallels between Islam and fascism. Parallels between early 20th Century Christians and Muslims of today are also observed, such as their intolerance of non-believers, paternalism and suppression of women's rights.

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I am concerned where they do

I am concerned where they do all seem to agree. So many Muslims don’t support separation of Church and State. Sharia law and religious courts are fundamentally at odds with ‘one law for all’. Islamic banking, praying 5 times daily and fasting all conflict with modern work and commercial environments to nobody’s benefit. Faith schools undermine community education. Creationism undermines science. Religion generally undermines critical thinking. Kosher/Halal conflicts with animal rights and so forth, but such fundamentalism and superstition is propagated by other religionists too.

Very well said. Beyond who's right and wrong on the religion debate, the issues you bring up are very real issues that cause huge problems even if somehow their depiction of god is real.

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Islam was a powerful force in

Islam was a powerful force in an ignorant region that amassed that ignorance into a conquering horde, nothing more, nothing less. It has no other design purpose. It has 109 open-ended proscriptions against all who do not align themselves with it's ideology. I will not use the word "laws" because the use of that word is understood in a context of peaceful coexistence. Islam contains no such context and therefore cannot make a claim on such respectable words.

Islam united a people under threat of hurt. Its methods remain that way today. It currently has no purposeful commitment towards a peaceful living standard for progress. It's wholly useless going forward. However, those who know nothing of it cry in ignorance at anyone who challenge it, labeling them bigots, and making all manner of utopian noise about the religion's purpose. This is the way Islam will eek out its survival going forward. It will feed upon the free words and deeds of an ignorant world pretending to know Islam, when in reality such words and deeds can only further contaminate an open sore on humanity.

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I understand your thinking

I understand your thinking but I can't agree. I don't find any religion more despicable that NAZIsm. Fascism and Nazism are nothing more than radical catholicism. Catholicism has been the most destructive force created by mankind. Islam comes in 3rd behind christianity.

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Islamic dogma says if you do

Islamic dogma says if you do not follow Islam, you will be tortured in the fires of Jahannam for a very long time, which is a great deal worse than anything the Nazis ever did.

BiNkaBi's picture
How dare you make such an

How dare you make such an uninformed assertion. I had relatives DIE in the Holocaust. You know NOTHING! Your glib remark is noted. If I could put you on ignore on this website, I would.

Cognostic's picture
As you made no quote - I can

As you made no quote - I can't see what you are on about. Burning in a lake of fire forever and ever. Having flesh that grows back so it can burn again, as the Bible asserts, is certainly worse than dying once in a Nazi prison camp. Admittedly, one is real and one is myth. I can not defend that. But the idea of a hell is certainly worse than the idea of a Nazi prison camp.

Sapporo's picture
@AtheistGal being tortured

@AtheistGal being tortured and killed by the Nazis in this world is certainly worse than the fate given to unbelievers according to Islam which I know to be false. However, my point is that Muslims throughout history have committed atrocities they regarded as less bad than eternal torture, because they thought it was for the greater good, not just in terms of themselves receiving an eternal reward after death, but also in terms of others receiving an eternal reward after death.

If Nazism had been like Islam, it would have been comparable to the Japanese kamikaze pilots.

Some verses from the Qur'an:
verse 8:12: "(Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels... "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

8:39 - "And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah"

9:29 - "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

9:73 - "O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination."

9:111 - "Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Quran: and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme."

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And worse, if you realize

And worse, if you realize that Islam is BS like all other religions, then it’s called “apostasy”- a capital offense in Islam, and a crime punishable by death in most of the Islamic world- and even if it isn’t, you will still receive rape threats and/or death threats galore!

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If ISIS is a reflection of

If ISIS is a reflection of Islam in its purest form, why is their biggest target other Muslims? Shouldn't other Muslims be safe because they are adhering to the right religion? If you look at the bible, there are just as many horrible passages that command the followers of God and Christ to kill non-believers, non-virgins, commit atrocities like genocide and slavery, etc. This problem exists in a lot of religions. It's not just Islam. Religion is the problem. Atrocities can be committed in the absence of religion, but religion has been at the root of the vast majority of the atrocities committed throughout history and even today. The other main culprit is power, which is why regimes like those of Stalin and Mao happened even in the absence of religion. We will always find reasons to kill and hurt each other. Religion is just the best excuse we've come up with so far.

samyaza's picture
To answer this, it's because

To answer this, it's because ISIS considers these muslims not as muslims, but infidels. If there's anything worse than the christian infidels, it is the infidels who pose as muslims. These are the people who lead muslims astray or traitors, hence deserve to be killed.

Cognostic's picture
I've read the Quaran, you don

I've read the Quaran, you don't have to convince me. I keep telling people that ISLAM, is not a religion. It is an Ologarchy. It is religious rule. It is some of the scariest sht on the planet today. ISLAM is a political system of mandated belief.

The stars that Hitler made the Jews wear came from Islamic practices in Spain during the Golden age of Islam. At no time in history have muslims and non-Muslims peacefully co-existed. That is a myth.

Islam the religions of peace has a very different definition of peace than most Westerners. When we think of peace we think of Co-existing. This is not the Islamic idea of peace. (In fairness, it is not the Christian idea of peace either.) Christianity and Islam are both in-group / out-group faiths. You are either in the group and one of the members or outside the group and damned, amoral, a sinner. bound for hell. and basically a worthless human being. The message of both faiths is "CONVERT OR DIE"

The big difference between the two is that Christianity has had 2000 years of secular influence while Islam has been left to fester in the hot sun of the Middle East.

Rohan M.'s picture
“If a religion requires

“If a religion requires enforcement, then it’s not religion; it’s tyranny.”

I can’t remember exactly who said this, but it’s a pretty good quote.

Cody Crawford's picture
***I do not support Nazis****

***I do not support Nazis****
or their racist doctrines, or
any other "religions"

Cody Crawford

I Absolutely agree with the writer of the article. The Nazis allowed for subjugated people to still practice their customs and religion, Jews were still allowed to practice their religion in the ghettos and concentration camps up to the gas chambers of Auchwitz. Political opponents, and a whole lot of others that weren't part of the "Master race" were killed or put into camp's. Yes this is terrible and fucked up.
So were the experiments that were evil.

Well fact check it you'll see.
The Nazis did not; marry 9 year olds, call for the death of all non believers.
Under Islamwomen have almost no rights, cannot drive or work, no divorce, if you get raped you cheated on your husband and stoned to death.
Read the article, do research that is impartial and pick up some history books from the actual time period. Bring on the crazy comments and anger from those who stand behind false and inhuman mind control that is religion.


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CIA Factbook: Turkey

CIA Factbook: Turkey
Muslim 99.8% (mostly Sunni), other 0.2% (mostly Christians and Jews)

When the Factbook first appeared on the Net in the 90s it said: Muslim 98.0% ... I presume the Turkish authorities pointed out the error to the CIA?

... and what about the Cult of Angels? (found amongst the Kurds of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, etc.)

'To identify the Cult or any of its denominations as Islamic is simply a mistake born of a lack of knowledge of the religion, which pre-dates Islam by millennia'. (from Wiki)

SeniorCitizen007's picture
I've been told that my habit

I've been told that my habit of refusing to submit to the authoritarian, manipulative will of Muslims I've come into contact with recently (in situations where they have "power and influence" over me) is "intolerance". I moved to a part of England where there are very few Muslims ... only to find that they're here as well. These individuals I've been having problems with are not overtly religious Muslims ...but they've learnt tactics of how to "manipulate and control" from their cultural background.

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That is very unaurthodox

That is very unaurthodox approach

BiNkaBi's picture
This thread bothers me so

This thread bothers me so much because the comparison is unrealistic. Islamic theology's concept of hell is not real, whereas Hitler, the Nazis, and the real life victims of the Holocaust did exist.

Between five and six million Jews
More than three million Soviet prisoners of war
More than two million Soviet civilians
More than one million Polish civilians
More than one million Yugoslav civilians
About 70,000 men, women and children with mental and physical handicaps
More than 200,000 gipsies
Unknown numbers of political prisoners, resistance fighters, homosexuals and deportees

To anyone who glibly responds that the concept of some theological hell seems worse than real life, you know nothing and your glib remark is insensitive and disrespectful to those of us REAL PEOPLE who lost REAL RELATIVES in a horrific human event in history: the Holocaust.

I came to Atheist Republic thinking it would be a safe space. But I can see it's not. Lots of glib, irresponsible comments and threads here. How dare you who mock the Holocaust.

Anonymous's picture
Hi, Atheist Gal,

Hi, Atheist Gal,

You're not the first person to want to put Cog on ignore. LOL

AR is very different from our other forum. Remember how we were so tightly knit and cared about each other like real people? Not with these guys. They are much more objective and treat many things as topics, instead of real life experiences. The guys are way more antagonistic, with the exception of a very few. They can be very sarcastic, and VERY insensitive. Cog was talking about the Holocaust like it was a topic he studied, and had nothing to do with people. IMO, Cog is one of those guys that is very concerned about being right, and less concerned about how he comes across. This is not news. That's just the way he is.

And most of them are... gag... men. You know how they are, right? If they're not bragging about their genitalia, then they're telling you jokes about human waste. After a while, just like with amazon, you'll get to know who to text with, and who should be put on a virtual ignore. Just don't respond to them.

I hope you stick around, but I understand if you don't. HUG

Cognostic's picture
Hey Tin Man, Old man, Sheldon

Hey Tin Man, Old man, Sheldon, Arakishm, you guys want to buy some cheese. I've got Abertam, Niolo, Yorkshire, Farmer, Oaxaca, Ogleshield, Labneh, Cabrales, Ackawi, Nettles, Weichkaese, Havarti, Idiazábal, Northumberland, Edam and Most do.

Cognostic's picture
God Butchers close to 8,000

God Butchers close to 8,000,000 people in the bible.
How many people has the Catholic Church butchered? Estimates suggest some 50 million in the inquisition alone. Then you have the Crusades,

What was the Golden age of Islam but Islamic expansions. How many people were tortured and killed by Muhammad? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Muhammad

I'm out of time but Hitler was a saint compared to Muhammad.

Sapporo's picture
Can anyone find a reputable

Can anyone find a reputable source with a broad estimate of how many millions have been killed as a result of Islam?

According to ourworldindata.org, Timur was responsible for the deaths of 4.7% of the world's population at the time, or 17 million people.

SeniorCitizen007's picture


Israel National News, is an Israeli media network identifying with Religious Zionism.

They've linked to a video of Tommy Robinson being interviewed by a Jewish Conservative Libertarian activist,

Its 1 hour 41 min long … and its likely to have a major impact around the world. In it Tommy Robinson says:

"Islam is a cancer … and I am the cure"

If you don't want to wade through the whole video just have a listen to the last 15 or so minutes.

Robinson says that even if he gets killed the "Revolution" (against Islam) will succeed .. it can't be stopped.

Our (UK) Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, who was raised a Muslim but now professes to be an atheist, has to decide what to do about Robinson's "influence".

Gary Walsh's picture
As an atheist, any discussion

As an atheist, any discussion of what is "true" Islam is nonsense. Islam, like all religions was an invention of humans. "True" Islam is whatever any individual believer believes it to be. If one believer believes that he must kill the non-believers then that is "true" for him. If another believes that "Islam is a religion of peace", then that is "true" for him. After all, Muslims themselves do not agree on what is true Islam, with Sunni's and Shia's regarding each other as heretics. In Canada, I see Muslims every day doing the same ordinary things that I do, going to the supermarket or attending music festivals and other celebrations, etc. None of them has ever offered to kill me for my atheism. I do not fear them any more than I fear being burnt at the stake by Catholics. Muslims in Canada, for the most part, have adapted to life in a secular, multicultural society, so I don't see the kind of tyranny that exists in some Muslim majority countries as inevitable. Of course, as an atheist, I would prefer that everyone give up superstitious beliefs, but until that happens, the kind of mutual tolerance and respect that is dominant in Canada is acceptable to me. I wish that other places in the world could learn to live this way.

samyaza's picture
I'd like to point out that

I'd like to point out that the basis of the radicalization is the same: inferiority complex. The Germans turned ultra-nationalists due to the defeat of the WW1 and right now, the islamic world was "defeated" in terms of everything by the west. That's why, they're attracted to preachers who preach muslim superiority.

Second, nazism indeed managed to make itself appear to be a respectable ideology by whitewashing its more unpleasant part. See, Armin Navabi's interview with nazis. Most nazis indeed did not agree with genocide, so the only way they support nazism is through a denial. This denial also exists in the islamic society which is why we get the word "islamophobia". The reason why this word is so malicious is because it denies the victims' experience as if they don't have the right to fear the ideology which demands their subjugation.

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