Wouldn't it be nice if we we're atheists?

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Wouldn't it be nice if we we're atheists?

What I mean to say is that the majority of people in the world are atheists instead of being a religious bunch of people. No gods to believe in. We don't have to bother with other religious sects who would like to ban divorce or abortion because they say their god will get angry without us knowing whether those laws can actually make our lives better or not? Not to mention the dangerous beliefs where your god would like women to be inferior than men just like the majority of those who live in the middle easy countries?

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The first weapon man used

The first weapon man used against manhood is the "Religion" and that is one of the easiest ways to divide and rule.

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Hear hear. That's how I

Hear hear. That's how I remembered it also when King Constantine thought of starting out Christianity just for the purpose of uniting the people with one god, one belief and one government that supports it as well as it's constituents.

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Hmmm i dont think it woulw

Hmmm i dont think it woulw make much of a difference if everyone was an atheist or everyone was a christian. Human beings always find a way to create conflict with each other. We are a very destructive species in general. There is much more than needs change than just what we believe in as far as supernatural entitites.

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I think convincing ourselves

I think convincing ourselves by terming as destructive species kills the very principle of being an atheist...

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I agree to an extent, but I'd

I agree to an extent, but I'd rather say Humanists. Atheists just mean they don't believe in God(s), it doesn't mean they believe in honesty, charity, love and compassion, does it?

They could be total d-bag atheists, who I would not want. An atheist is just one tiny iota of your whole definition as a person, to assume that religious view explains all morality and moral pursuits is very naive. I have met theists who are compassionate, intelligent and thoughtful (often deeply challenged by their world, too, in a good sense, they question much) and yet also many who are arrogant, harpy-like and downright unpleasant, who seem to pick to follow things when it suits them yet reject them when it doesn't.

That's how we've got this f'd-up state where you have Christians who think poor people are lazy and should be left to rot when the actual name of their faith 'Christ'-ianity, comes from a man who would view these people as outright immoral, and would help and feed and clothe the weak and sick without a second-thought for his own world. I think we need to be Humanist regardless of religious belief, and try our best to understand our world without dogma, but compassion and love for each other.

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Just because one is atheist

Just because one is atheist doesn't mean they are a 'good' person, to be very vague. I do believe religion is holding us back from progressing forward in life in general, but that doesn't mean its the only thing. Humans are cold, evil, and at the core seek the destruction of other men. We cannot progress as long as people are selfish enough to rise above others by putting them down. If would just be one of the many problems holding humanity back out of the way.

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