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@ Grinseed

@ Grinseed

You will see this plagiarised ( but with acknowledgment) in chat rooms soon....

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Excellent post sir, have an agree. As OMS says above, expect me to plagiarise some or all of that shamelessly.

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Well put Grin.

Well put Grin.

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@ Old Man, there's really no

@ Old Man, there's really no acknowledgements required. It all seems so bleeding obvious to me that it counts as common property.

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Superb @Grinseed!

Superb @Grinseed!

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Apparently, apologists

Apparently, apologists dishonesty for their god, in front of their god, is ok with their god...the dogmatic irony is just a dripping.

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@ Sorrentino

@ Sorrentino

"animals come close in that aspect, but humans are so distinct in this, that I do not think evolution all by itself can account for that."

This is where your proposition breaks down.

Human are not that different than other animals, we share properties, just to different degrees. We have tested animals for fair play and empathy, we have tested them for self-awareness (mirror experiment for example) and animals posses the same characteristics as humans, only to different degrees.

Humans have 98% commonality with gorillas genetically. 97% with orangutan, and 96% with chimpanzees.

Our human pride and hubris can sometimes lead us to ego inflated conclusions, but there is no single trait that we do not share with other animals. Other animals than humans have self-awareness, can grasp concepts such as individuals, count, practice positive moral actions, have empathy, plan ahead in time, we are not that unique.

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"Humans have 98% commonality with gorillas genetically. 97% with orangutan, and 96% with chimpanzees."


Perhaps because we human beings are primates, a species of ape. That fact really pisses off cretionists.

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because we human beings are

because we human beings are primates, a species of ape. That fact really pisses off cretionists.

Indeed, and denying facts to preserve a belief they cannot demonstrate a shred of objective evidence to support at that.

They're sending a small boy with a pointy stick, to fight a stealth bomber with a large nuclear payload.

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"They're sending a small boy with a pointy stick, to fight a stealth bomber with a large nuclear payload."


Have just been watching some clips about the protests in the US and the reaction of the President Of The United States.

Seems to me that with that dangerous buffoon in charge, one could be forgiven for thinking of the US today as a small, cranky boy with a loaded Uzi,

Seriously, I truly don't understand how nobody has tried to kill him. It's not just the far right which has its froot loops. OR perhaps they have just not said anything. That sounds probable to me.What do you think?

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I am glad he went and hid in his bunker like a scared baby. Now everyone knows how presidential he really is. Rubber bulliting his own citizens, to move the protesters away from his church photo op. Disgusting.

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"Rubber bulliting his own citizens, to move the protesters away from his church photo op. Disgusting."

That behaviour did not go unnoticed by an Episcopal African American bishop in Washington:

"The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington sharply criticized President Donald Trump on Monday for staging a visit to the historic St. John’s Church across from the White House, where he held up a Bible after authorities had cleared the area of peaceful protesters.

The Rev. Mariann Budde, whose diocese St. John’s belongs to, said in a statement that she was “outraged” by Trump’s visit and noted that he didn’t pray while stopping by the church, a landmark known for its regular visits from sitting presidents since the early 19th century.

“He took the symbols sacred to our tradition and stood in front of a house of prayer in full expectation that would be a celebratory moment,” Budde said in an interview after her statement on Trump’s visit was posted to the diocese’s Twitter account."

Bishop @Mebudde response to the President
The President just used a Bible and one of the churches of my diocese as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our church stands for. (1/3)

10:08 AM - Jun 2, 2020

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I find it so sad that the

I find it so sad that the country I lived in happily and visited often is committing suicide.

From the brutality of its miltarised, desensitised police to the patently hatred stirring president , the country and people I loved is sliding into an ever deeper self inflicted bleeding gash that will result in many more, deeper and more deadly wounds if it is not cauterised.

The spectacle of naked, unrestrained capitalism eating its own babies is a sickening picture.

Watch the rich fleeing like plague rats - we should ban them from these Australian shores at least. We do not want your cast off bankers, investement brokers, real estate moguls or lawyers destroying what little social justice we have left.

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For me Trump's politics are as polarised to my own as it's possible to imagine. However I long ago came to terms with the fact, that living in a democracy means you sometimes have to hear views expressed that you find repugnant.

However, far more damning for me, is the manner in which he conducts himself, which demeans the office he is privileged to hold. Politics aside, it is unfathomable to me how the average voter can stomach going from a politician and diplomat of Obama's stature, to this bumbling, offensive, inept, sulking, clumsy buffoon. If I were a Republican I'd be ashamed that this was the best they could manage, and if I was a voter in the US I'd be heartbroken to see the office of President so demeaned, and diplomacy and political craft so shamelessly abandoned in favour of crass and puerile outburst from an immature and ill informed egomaniac, with all the charm of a mass grave, and all the grace of a large turd, hitting a fan at speed.

Even as a foreigner, I find his entire presidency and almost his every utterance deeply depressing. Political views aside, that anyone could view such a crass ignorant uncouth and ill mannered and ill tempered chav as Trump, suitable to be President, is utterly baffling to me. The man can't open his mouth without saying something cringeworthy, a child can express themselves with more clarity, class and gravitas, and to watch him strut and preen himself on camera as if he's a politician of real substance and worth, while he bimbles clumsily through every sentence of soundbites and ill considered rhetoric, makes your teeth itch, and is as tortuous as it is depressing.

That said his political views seemed to be underpinned by a racist elitist snob of the worst kind.

I just hope the American voters make a better choice when Trump's tenure is up, as the thought of another 4 years of him in office is just too depressing, sadly I fear the worst, and he may yet be a two term President.

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@ Sheldon, I agree completely

@ Sheldon, I agree completely with your assessment of the tragedy that is Trump.

Did anyone else note that during his "President of Law and Order" spiel in the Rose Garden, instead of the usual bumbling incoherent half sentences and mispronunciations, Donald delivered a word perfect speech about power and domination? He was enjoying his sermon about power and domination. It is evident he had rehearsed it thoroughly. In front of the vanity mirror in the bunker bathroom the night before perhaps?

The most chilling aspect was how his words about being on the side of "peaceful protesters" were punctuated by the sound of popping tear gas canisters and rubber bullets landing amongst the peaceful protesters in nearby Lafayette Park.

Covid 19 and Trump? Jesus!. Get well soon America.

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I agree, it had a surreal quality to it from start to finish. He strikes me, and always has, as something of a bully. A man who inherited obscene wealth, and whose ego is therefore unlikely to have often been challenged by people saying no to him.

I noted with some amusement though that several prominent religious leaders, had condemned his stage theatrics outside a church, commenting that the bible and churches are not political props. In a country where a public declaration of atheism would effectively end any political career I thought that was pretty ironic.

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Hey! You’re being too hard

Hey! You’re being too hard on Trump!!! Of course you tell the State Governors to “dominate” and threaten military action on US soil when faced with armed protestors taking over govt buildings!!!

OOPS - fuck - wrong “protest”!!!

His handling of these speak volumes...systemic racism at the top.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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"We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership"

Former Secretary of Defense 
James Mattis

He's nailed it there, in a single sentence. Interesting article, and a lot of people whose opinion should be valued by American voters are aiming the same criticisms at Trump.

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Only if you have the time and

Only if you have the time and interest, I've picked up two interviews with Republicans about the tragedy that is Trump. I learned quite bit about the modern Republican party and the shit in which they now find themselves standing for supporting the Trump presidency.

One time Congressman, Al Franken interviews Steve Schmidt (17 May 2020). Schmidt ran McCain's presidential campaign, accepted and initially supported Palin's nomination as VP but then almost immediately regretted it. He has a working understanding of how the GOP has deviated from being Lincoln's party to Trump's circus. He has since resigned from the Republicans and has vowed to vote for Biden in 2020 just to get rid of Trump.

And an older interview (October 17 2017) with Charles Sykes, author of "How the Right Lost Its Mind", long time conservative Republican commentator who had resolutely opposed Trump's nomination as a presidential candidate. He explains Trump is only a symptom of the real problems within the GOP and explains the history of the party's slide from the tenets of democracy.

Most memorable quote from Sykes is:
"The Republican party have been outsourcing its leadership to the loudmouth drunk at the end of the bar." I am delighted to hear a Republican say this. There is hope.

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Anyone who thinks evolution

Anyone who thinks evolution cannot account for the human brain, needs to spend the next decade reading the scientific papers establishing that evolution not only can do so, but did.

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*its Sunday morning and I

*its Sunday morning and I feel a history squawk coming on...

Alfred Russell Wallace could not accept that evolution could account for the human brain. Although he rejected Christianity he remained a life long adherent to Spiritualism and was convinced the brain was the product of 'higher powers". That's why he does not share the honours with Darwin.
He could not accept Charles' idea of sexual selection as it interfered with his focus on environmental pressures.

Its an old story but worth retelling that it was Wallace who pressured Darwin to remove "natural selection" from his writings and replace it with "survival of the fittest" a term that has led to many persistent moralist attacks on the theory and many unfortunate misinterpretations and hideous applications by political enthusiasts.
"Survival of the fittest was taken from Herbert Spencer's Principles of Biology. Spencer was the first economist of a long line to abuse Darwin's theory to support their own on supply and demand.

In a letter to Darwin, Wallace argued "selection" conferred a teleological meaning. It was later as his commitment to Spiritualism increased, he decided on a teleological explanation specifically for the human brain.

Despite their differences Darwin and Wallace, like typical English gentlemen of the nineteenth century, are reported to have remained good friends.

*Squawk, thats better, back on my perch again.

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If you ask me, the brain is

If you ask me, the brain is still the main thing, because initially it is a man who creates digital technology. Software helps to use technology more efficiently. And that is if the software is of high quality.

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I agree with you. However,

I agree with you. However, digital technology and AI, today, are so advanced that another option is not excluded in the future. If you are interested in this topic, you can read how to create a slack clone. I was told that you can find information about software developers here. Perhaps this article will be of interest to someone.

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The brain vs computer debate

The brain vs computer debate never fails to intrigue me. While computers excel at speed and precision, the human brain possesses unmatched complexity and adaptability. Our brains are capable of creativity, emotions, and intuition, elements that set us apart. Yet, computers can process vast amounts of data and perform calculations with astonishing efficiency. Personally, I believe both have their strengths and should be seen as complementary forces. By combining the power of human ingenuity and technological advancements, we can unlock groundbreaking possibilities for the benefit of society. And all the information I'm interested in on the topic of technology, I take at

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Indeed you are right Mr.Bob

Indeed you are right Mr.Bob.But I have something to add. I work in an insurance business, and we use an app, developed by professionals. But as you mentioned, it is more like a key to our computer systems. A computer vision platform is used to analyze overall 'temperature' of customer happiness when they visit our office, but we don't keep the date on smartphones. We don't have so many Tb of memory ha ha.

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Artificial intelligence if your savior. Because it is key for your business. I can't stop wondering why you still haven't used it. You would reduce a lot of staff costs, in fact.

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Thank you, you're right as

Thank you, you're right as always.


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