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Hey. I’m new to this form of view point and I often find it difficult to substantiate what I do and don’t believe in. I was hoping for some clarity to allow me to better understand this.

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Welcome to the lake of fire.

Do you want to live forever?

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"Whatever you "believe in"

"Whatever you "believe in" prepare some evidence before venturing into these Hallowed Halls. Doom awaits the innocents"
* End of soundtrack*

Ok, prepare original ideas, backed by evidence or unassailable logic. If you find your belief "difficult to substantiate" it probably is just that, a belief, not a fact.

We like facts hereabouts.

Be prepared to cite sources and never ever say "I feel it is true in my heart" unless you want several older members to die laughing.

Otherwise dear child, welcome. Feel free to post as you wish.

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@Dean1996 Hi Dean. You did

@Dean1996 Hi Dean. You did a great Job of being absolutely unclear in your first post. Are you saying we can expect more of the same?

Not to worry..... we have a whole lot of people on the site who make no sense at all. Feel free to chime right in with your confused rhetoric. You could join the biologist biologist's discussion on how genetics has nothing to do with evolution or morality. The Catholic discussion on how not believing that god does not exist is a viable Christian position. Or you could just sit in a corner and talk to Tin-man. He has lost his mind and loves talking to people.

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@ Cog

@ Cog

Tin Man mislaid his mind again? FMD that is the Third time this week...he leaves it all over the place and then starts wondering what he is doing in church's like DUH mate, you lost your mind! AGAIN.

Anyway Cog, keep it under the banana skin you use as a marker an I will tell him you have it ok?

Oh the Pig wants to know when you are paying the next instalment...I am wondering, when he said that, why he winked and shook his naughty bits? Helluva a wriggle he has.

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Yea Yea, that's it. I'm

Yea Yea, that's it. I'm keeping it in the bathroom. That's the door with the banana peel on the doorknob. Moohoo WHaaaHahh haaahaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaaa.

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More Dean, I'm going to need

More Dean, I'm going to need more....

Paradoxically thank you for using brevity.

Hope this adds some clarity..

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Atheism is just one "view point". It is the rejection of any claims to the existence of a god or gods without objective verifiable proof.
That's it.

There are no other rules for atheism, other than rejecting that one claim.

After that every atheist on AR has different outlooks and interests and everyone is quite human and humane, although some display the most outrageous sense of humour.

If what you believe is not clear to you, there is no real need to begin discussing that now.
You might like to read some of the threads already posted and get to know how others here see life, people who have given a great deal of thought to personal issues and to many fields of human learning and who have the ability to express their ideas clearly.

So make yourself comfortable here. Read and learn first.
And when you have any questions, don't be shy to ask.

It is my experience that the people here are very helpful and understanding. They come from a range of backgrounds and have pooled a wealth of knowledge and viewpoints they are willing to share.

I have learned a lot in the year I have been here. I hope you will too.

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@dean 1996

@dean 1996

As others have stated, you are going to have to give some more information if you want better help with this.

One route to go is to use your reasoning, logic, deduction, and fact finding skills to help "substantiate" things.

If you are talking about how to better communicate your thoughts, (as you have already come to a satisfactory conclusion for yourself on what your beliefs are.)

I would recommend reading a lot in the area of your interest as people before you may have spent the time to better present the view point you have with clear concise language that helps others understand better.



I am an atheist that always likes a good debate
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So what are you finding hard

So what are you finding hard to believe? If you find it hard to believe in Jesus,God, or the Spook, welcome to the club!

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Dean1996: "I was hoping for

Dean1996: "I was hoping for some clarity to allow me to better understand this."

***tree gives a flourishing bow***

And how may I assist?


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Rejoice in the fact that you

Rejoice in the fact that you made a good rational decision, not based in others beliefs.

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