come unto me

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come unto me

come unto me and I will give you rest for my yoke is easy. Yes my brothers



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I love it when christians use

I love it when christians use the first person voice of god. Is it really you?

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It's also amusing quite when X-tians think that Jesus was white...

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Agnostic enlightener, y u

Agnostic enlightener, y u calling yourself devout christian now? Or was this a weak attempt at sock puppetry?

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@ devout christian

@ devout christian
It's still a yoke, a harness of slavery based on a lie!

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"Come unto me".....sounds

"Come unto me".....sounds like a bad porn movie to me.

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No one is coming onto you,

No one is coming onto you, you're not at all attractive.

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I don't know, some may find

I don't know, some may find him attractive. He's way too anglo to be from the middle east but he does rock that cute hipster beard.

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"He's way too anglo to be

"He's way too anglo to be from the middle east"
LOL. That's Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI. You couldn't have a Jewish-looking Jesus when Jews were being massacred by various Christian kings, so from the Renaissance onwards Jesus becomes very European with straight hair, blue eyes, and white skin. Cesare was one of the models.

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Nope. Not a fan of self

Nope. Not a fan of self imposed tutelage.

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Sorry man, I'm not gay.

Sorry man, I'm not gay.

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