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Conspiracy muppets

So, unfortunately an aquantance is a flat earth idiot and conspiracy nut... but id thought id share an interesting post he sent me which I found pretty scary... not because it's true, but the level of pure horse crap on show is staggering.

This video was posted (link below) by a nut job stating that Dr Kaku the well known and regarded physicist had claimed in tv that scientists, NASA and the government are controlling the weather via h.a.a.r.p. and causing events such as the current spate of hurricanes hitting the US.

Here a link to the retarded drivel the conspiracy idiots, climate deniers and flattards are going crazy over...

Only one problem, surprise, surprise... it's bollocks!

And not what Dr Kaku said at all!

Here's the ACTUAL video...

Where he says physicist are trying to cause rain in the lab using lasers, and it's in infancy but showing some progess.

Still, the level some oxygen deprived skidmarks will go to is absolutely shocking as it is saddening... they should be prosecuted for posting such utter dog crap.

Any thoughts?

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I've seen this one facebook

I've seen this one facebook recently, its scary the miss-information that is being leaked to the world.

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conspiracy theories are

conspiracy theories are hysterical.. please demonstrate the belief in haaarp is real

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One of my cousins has been

One of my cousins has been obssesed for years with the "symbol of the devil" sign, because some world leaders (Obama, Merkel, the Pope, etc.) show sometimes this sign, and he's convinced they all belong to the same devilish cult...

I've recently found out that it's the "I love you" symbol in American Sign Language and Jimmy Carter made it popular in politics.

Could my cousin be right? Who knows, but what sounds more reasonable? Politicans trying to appeal to deaf voters vs. Politicians show their diabolical symbol in public, so other evil worship fellows could felt included in his speech...Occam's Razor is all it takes, but...

sadly, he still believes in his bs.

It's good to share this crap, so we can be warned and with some arguments close at hand.


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there are some really

there are some really dumbshits in america

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Sadly my son is a flat

Sadly my son is a flat earther. He worked on a skyscraper, guess he didn't noticed the curving of the earth.

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It's scary how something so

It's scary how something so retarded can gather pace.

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