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Re: doG - "Hanging out in the

Re: doG - "Hanging out in the trunks of other peeps chev's looking at midget porn again eh cog."
Cog - "Sitting up and banging my head on the trunk causing it to swing open."

...*looking into trunk*.... Awwww, maaaaaaaan.... So THAT'S where all of my magazines have been disappearing to all this time!... *flipping through stack*... Yep... Lusty Little Lewds... Short Stories of Spunky Spankers... Wonderful World of Wee Wetters... Damn, Cog, you got all my best ones... Wait, what's this one?... *retrieving magazine from beneath spare tire*... Creamy Cupcakes of Chimpindales: 25th Anniversary Vintage Edition.... *opening to centerfold section*.... Hmmmm..... Hey, mind if I borrow this for a couple of days?

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Whenever they bring up Jesus.

Whenever they bring up Jesus...this “clip” always plays in my head...

(13 seconds)

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They're like crazy

They're like crazy superstitious buses, nothing for ages, then 3 or 4 together.

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...”where 3 or 4 are gathered

...”where 3 or 4 are gathered in my name”...blah blah blah - stupidity shall rein.

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That made me laugh, thank you.


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