How did you become a christian?

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How did you become a christian?

Now, don't lie about it. I ask how you became a christian because I doubt any of you actually made that choice of your own free will. Most christians are born to it. Meaning, that they have been brainwashed from the very beginning of their lives.
Take for example how I became a christian. My ancestors come from two very different places in the world. On my mom's side, they came from just northwest of Belfast Ireland. An area that is and was dominated by Anglican Catholic sometimes called the King's Church. On my father's side, there are two ancestral influences. The first was Cherokee from the Georgia/South Carolina areas, the second was from Catholic Ireland near the Shannon River Valley. These three cultures converged in Southeast Missouri and through marriage produced me. I was born in the Episcopal Church....LITERALLY. St. John Episcopal to be exact. At the time it was common for midwives to help birth a child in the rectory of the church. So All my family, all my neighbors, everyone in the town for as long as anyone can remember belonged to that church. The Church was "high mass". If you are or were you would know what that means. So at the onset of my life, I was baptized (christened). A little later I had to attend catechism. An intensive religious training (not at all like Sunday school). I then became "confirmed".
So from the beginning of life, I had no choice, no exposure to other choices, I became a christian. Not just any christian. I became a high mass episcopal christian.
I later followed my mind and rejected myths which meant that I rejected religion, all religion. After years of questions, research, and experience, I decided to accept reality and not believe in fairytales and or myths. If something could not be proven I would not accept it as fact.
Now all of you might think that it was the one-quarter Cherokee of my DNA that caused me to reject a white man's religion, but that would be wrong. The Cherokee are as superstitious as any group and by and large were very receptive to the Church of England, historically and now. Research the history of Cherokee faith and religion. You'll see what I mean.
No, I came by atheism naturally. I just opened my eyes and saw religion for what it is...a hoax manifested over millennia of institutional culturalism.
So if you are honest and that means you current christians, you will realize that you are not christian by choice, but by cultural indoctrination. You can't be a christian or of any religion if you make a logical choice of free will.

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I was raised a christian by

I was raised a christian by my parents. Later, I discovered this belief was nonsense

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Well, I was simply strolling

Well, I was simply strolling along a riverbank minding my own bidness when I spy this gathering of people standing close to the water all queued up and taking turns being dipped by this guy with a dumb looking beard. I got in line to see WTF was up and the next thing I know I'm talking in tongues, behaving strangely and suppressing a deep desire to rebuke and even kill anyone who didn't think like me. It took me a month of Sundays to shake that shit off.

Truthfully? Like most I was born into it. The month of Sundays statement was true, though, and that happened right around 10 years old.

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