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"Why we are all here on this

"Why we are all here on this earth as human beings?"

What makes you think there is a "why"?

"I would like to know what you guys think about people like myself who believe in Jesus Christ."

I think you have been indoctrinated to forgo rational thought when it comes to your religious beliefs.

"I would like to know why some Athiests seem to hate followers of Jesus."

The door swings both ways. Many (also not saying all) Christian seem to hate atheists... and Muslims, and gays, and brown people, and Democrats, and pretty much anyone who doesn't look and think like them. Even if an individual Christian does not hate, Christianity itself is a very hateful religion.

"Why do some Atheists mock, make fun of, and ridicule my beliefs?"

If you don't want you beliefs to be ridiculed, try not to have such ridiculous beliefs. Did you ever see the South Park episode about Joseph Smith? As ridiculous as Latter Day Saints seem to other Christian denominations, that's pretty much how all religions look to atheists.

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If you truly want to

If you truly want to understand atheism, think of it like this: Just imagine that you found out that the person you are conversing with continues to believe in Santa Claus, not in a cute Xmassy spirit kind of way but ACTUALLY, TRULY, and WHOLEHEARTEDLY believed this jolly old elf from the north was ACTUALLY REAL. Think about that. Ponder the myriad of ways you may approach this person's affliction. Decent human nature usually dictates that you do whatever you can to help relieve this fellow human's delusions, but no matter what the tact you take, they hold steadfastly to these ridiculous delusions. Compassion and frustration make very strange bedfellows indeed. Every person has slightly different ways of dealing with such dilemmas. After a while the compassion and desire to help a fellow human shed delusionary illness - when almost always met with absolute disdain - will sometimes lead people to ridicule, some get angry, and some simply walk away. You are the Santa Claus believer...believe that or not. Santa Claus and Jesus are exactly as equal as Batman and Superman. Do with this information what you will.

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I don’t hate religious people

I don’t hate religious people in general. I don’t really understand how people of normal intelligence can genuinely believe in ‘gods’.

Unlike yourself I don’t respect everyone’s opinions, merely their right to express them. I don’t respect religious beliefs, superstitions, myths etc but I respect people’s rights to have them, and to express them without imposing them on those who don’t share them.

You ask why some atheists ridicule religious beliefs. I ridicule them because I consider them ridiculous: talking snakes, 900-year-old people, divine immaculate conceptions and zombie messiahs - it’s nonsense, and worthy of ridicule.

And I don’t consider there is a ‘why’ inherent to our existence. I consider there is a ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’. To me, ‘why’ in this context implies a purpose to existence and I am aware of no compelling evidence of it. That’s not to say one cannot imbue one’s existence with meaning.


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