Learning ancient Greek SOLELY to deliver a lecture on holy penises

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Learning ancient Greek SOLELY to deliver a lecture on holy penises

The Roman Catholic clergy consist of depraved morons who are incapable of conceiving of ANYTHING holier than their extra special ontologically endowed penises!

It has been 20 YEARS since Benne Dick compared women priests to pedophiles and their ADAMANT AND INSTANTANEOUS response to pedophilia is STILL the standard lecture on the sanctity of the penis!

The speaker this weekend at the Eucharistic Conference learned Ancient Greek so that he could lecture on the subject!

He was TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to the fact that 90% of the audience at the Seminar consisted of WOMEN WHO BELIEVE THAT IT IS THEIR SACRED DUTY TO PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN!

Would the members here consider giving William Arbrecht an award for either religious depravity or promoting atheism?

SOMEONE needs to tell these monsters that their dicks are NOT god and lectures on holy penises are NOT an appropriate response to PEDOPHILIA!

Would the members here like to send their greetings to Dick Bill at William@patristicpillars.com ?

You can have fun with his pillars and share all of your 'religious' experiences with the god between your legs!

I used my real name in the seminar so don't mention my nom de guere that I use here.



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First post. Not sure why so

First post. Not sure why so many are genital obsessed. Maybe their sex drive is repressed. Maybe they have guilt repression or social repression, and from the repression, deprivation, and from deprivation, depravity. I'm not trying to be Freudian. I don't like the man either and he's not that genius but why are they so fixated on sex. I'm assuming they are because that's what I pick up, and I have no reason to doubt it, even though I often buck the mainstream in my thinking. The Catholic church has done me no wrong I should say but any pedophile and those who abuse their power to molest others is bad mmkay.

On that note I should say something else that is bad. Horrible. As in fills me with anger and violent thoughts. Anyone anywhere for whatever reason justifying routine infant male circumcision.

Sexual jealousy and frustration are inevitable. These emotions notwithstanding, sex is to be a joy and unrepressed. Sexuality should flow. It's obviously not the only priority in life- building, creation, productive work, but free sexuality too, starting inside yourself and your psyche if you don't have a partner.

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Welcome from sunny South Australia, where it is currently winter and quite bracing out of doors.

Now, this is anecdotal, because I forget where or when I read it: In the fifth century, the pope of the day was warned about making the clergy celibate (IE unmarried) because it would cause all kinds of of problems. Clerical celibacy was the norm by the 12 th century, although clergy still continued to marry and have children. It became mandatory with the second Lateran Council in 1139.

I have no idea by which time the sexual abuse of children had become endemic and systemic.

Why the fixation on sex? Bishop John Spong Has posited a simple and I think probably accurate reason; social control through guilt, and power:

'"The church is a control business and scam"


It has been my opinion for over a decade that organised religion is the greatest confidence trick ever perpetrated on the human race. (there are others right up there, but I'll save them for another time)


PS : Just because I'm nosy, no offence intended: Do you have the great good fortune to be Irish? If so, which part of Ireland? Me? I'm Australian by birth, Irish-Celt by blood, on both sides.

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American Roman Catholic of

American Roman Catholic of pure German descent. Raised in the Lutheran territory of the midwest.

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