Listening to conference on the Eucharist & wanting to vent

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Listening to conference on the Eucharist & wanting to vent

I have to post somewhere or scream. Here is about my only option. Thank you for your time.


I USED to believe in the “Real Presence”, but then the popes, the cardinals, the bishops and their support of our predator in chief, the ‘new’ translation of the Creed, the priests, Bill Donahue, the “Show Them No Mercy” Prayer, Kavanaugh, the Knights of Columbus & Jean Vianny and ESPECIALLY YOU HAVE convinced me that the Eucharist is NOTHING more than a symbol of the sanctity of their penises. It is now like being forced to lick their dicks! I WILL NOT TOUCH IT! IT IS LIKE BEING FORCED TO LICK YOUR DICK!


To the tune of the 1960’s protest song “One Tin Soldier”
Go ahead and rape my daughter.
Go ahead and rape my son.
You did it in the name of heaven
You justified it when you were done.
There won’t be any Trumpettes blowing
Come the JUDGEment day.On the evil morning after: MORE SNUG PERVERTS RIDE AWAY!


Catholicism is BILLIONS of believers held hostage by 3,000 proud, pagan, pedophiles in the hierarchy.
I was a 3-4 X/week,50 year plus, cradle Roman Catholic watching the pedophile crisis in horror, especially when the previous entity in possession of the vatican compared women who want to be priests to pedophiles. Then the PA bishops ordered all the priests to blatantly lie about PA Bill 1947 which extended the statute of limitations on pedophiles. I complained to my local priest; who handed out the "Catholic' League’s Essay "Women's Moral Descent" with its theme that men have the right and moral obligation to decide which women deserve to be raped. I called my daughter at college, crying, saying that all the priests were depraved perverts totally dedicated to worshipping their dicks. Her response, “Duh, Mom! I’m sorry you had to figure it out in such a painful way.
From what I can tell, this campaign was led by Philadelphia Archbishop Chaput (Slap You). - Archbishop Chaput is listed as a major supporter of Bill Donahue's 'Catholic' League. - Bill Donahue's opinion was the "the Bill had only ONE purpose - To Stick it to Catholics" - implying he believes pedophilia is right exclusive to Catholics. Bill Donahue is a believer in 'Catholic astrology. Archbishop Slap You has singlehandedly done the most to jeopardize Catholic Youth and their faith. He was just chosen to go to the vatican’s Youth Sin Nod

The press says that Cardinal Sarah has just written a book on celibacy in the priesthood. Why is he wasting the paper? Only half of the Roman Catholic clergy have any intention of abstaining from sex. The PA AG Report was full of priests having sex more often than I did through 2 marriages.
As was recently pointed out to me, the prime definition of celibacy means – Unmarried. The word can therefore be interpreted as – Have as many bastards as you want, but don’t give them any legal acknowledgement, financial support or emotional support. The vatican’s response to the pedophile crisis shows which definition the Canon lawyers are using
Then Sarah drafted Benne Dick to participate in his book. Michael Sean Winter’s editorial talks of Ratzy’s “Theological Gifts” WHAT THEOLOGICAL ‘GIFTS’ OF RATZY COULD he POSSIBLY BE TALKING ABOUT!?

The response of the previous entity in possession of the vatican to the pedophile crisis was to compare women who want to be priests to pedophiles. Vatican SOP - IMMEDIATELY EXCOMMUNICATE THE WOMEN - PROMOTE THE PEDOPHILE.
The mantra in the Catholic Church is that the priest represents Christ. So Benne Dick’s preferred vision of Christ is a deranged predator of children, holy, SOLELY because ze chose a male form when entering the corporeal realm. I NEVER think of it as ANYTHING other than - That which declared its dick God & offered our children in sacrifice to it!
It also told every member of the clergy that the ONLY thing important about them was their penis. He could not have come up with a better way to declare that the vatican criteria for priesthood is male and breathing! I am dense. It took me about 5 years to realize that the clergy believe being considered nothing other than a penis is the greatest compliment you can give them.
I asked the theologian in the pew behind me what deranged moron the cardinals had elected pope. He said that he had always been impressed with Ratzy’s clarity. Apparently so was the rest of the Church hierarchy. The answer I got from ANY of them on the pedophile crisis was the instantaneous, joyful, and PROUD standard lecture on the sanctity of the penis. I DO NOT WANT CREATURES WHO PREFER PEDOPHILES TO WOMEN ON THE SAME PLANET AS MY CHILDREN! . I do thank you for documenting in writing that you all believe the Eucharist is nothing more than a symbol of the sanctity of your penises.
Bishop Barron repeated Benne Dick’s big claim to fame: His statement that God is too big for humanity to understand. No Shit Sherlock! This a also a paraphrase of Sirak from about 300 BC and something Mohamed states repeatedly in the Quran. It is TERRIFYING that this was considered a shocking revelation in theological circles.
But it figured it out! It just looked between its’ legs and discovered something MORE WONDROUS THAN ALL THE STARS IN HEAVEN!

Oh, & the USCCB just voted that the “preeminent issue” in the Catholic Church is ABORTION, so that they can “overturn Roe v. Wade” next year. They will be in a full court press behind Trump & Pence this year. I agree with the post in this week’s Quora digest debating if Trump is the Anti-Christ! I have also learned that the whole belief of the ‘pro-life’ movement is only MEN have the right to murder unborn babies and their mothers too while they are at it. If we complain, you will take away our access to health care and REALLY jack up the death rate. That’ll learn us to get uppity. Just ask bishop TIMLIN!
Then it got even worse. I checked this with one of the Australian writing collaborators and the legal firm named in the movie “Spotlight.” Pre Benne Dick, I wouldn’t have believed any of this. Now, I believe every word. The “mercy” prayer”, endorsing men murdering wives by false claims of adultery helped convince me.

THE FAITHFUL ARE BEING DRIVEN FROM THE CHURCH BY PAGAN CLERICS WHO CAN NOT CONCEIVE OF ANYTHING HOLIER THAN THEIR EXTRA SPECIAL, ONTOLOGICALLY ENDOWED PENISES – THAT ALLOW THEM TO RAPE CHILDREN WITH IMPUNITY – A Doctrine that they have proudly & meticulously documented IN CANON LAW! The clergy see nothing wrong with what they have done. They were just exercising their god given rights to rape children. When enough women figure out that the vatican allowed all those children to be raped because of their firm belief in the sanctity of their penises, there won’t be 2 bricks left standing in the vatican.

The Australian canon lawyer and the sociologist published two documents. The first is a legal report entitled “Canon Law – A Systemic Factor in Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church.” (Free download from National Catholic Reporter) written for the Australian government. The second is the lay version “Potiphar’s Wife.” (Buy on line for real money). I verified the information with the author of the second book and the legal firm from the movie Spotlight. A third is “Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church; An Interpretive Review of the Literature and Public Inquiry Report” another free download through the Center for Global Research; School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT Both books thoroughly document how the vatican ORDERED the bishops to protect the pedophiles starting 100 years ago. They include more detail on the Pontifical Secret that Francis just abolished.



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Ahhh love, feel better????

Ahhh love, feel better???? Rant away! You have a good, solid moral reason to be angry.

Alas “thou shalt not piddle the child” was not in god’s laws...

JWs use “the two witness” rule. Two people have to watch said piddling for it “to have happened” otherwise it’s “false witness”. Accusers get kicked out for “slander”.

And “ whole belief of the ‘pro-life’ ”
The accurate term is pro-birth because that’s all they care about. They don’t give a rats ass afterwards. (oooooo - unless it’s so they have more vulnerable children to piddle, hmmmmmm)

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That was my response to the

That was my response to the one 'pro-life' priest. Was he concerned about the children or bewailing the lack of victims?

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Mrs. PO

Mrs. PO

***Intended with kindness***

Google search JWs abuse and you’ll read the same shit...I bring them up ONLY because they use to point to your fine religion and use the priest pedo scandals as “evidence” of your “false religious practices” ...wherein “fact” Jehovah’s “spirit” still hadn’t led “His” fine organization to read their scriptural “backing” a few verses further to “if a woman is raped in a field and there is no one to hear her”... principle.

NOT as though any of the “religious or scriptural” backings mean anything. All human writing, and thinking, and motivation. ALL of it.

SO, how you process this, is the only thing that matters. YOU don’t have any control over any of “it”. YOU can add your voice, sure, but is yours the only one? Are you “telling” them something they don’t already know? NO! or “new”
- FUCK NO!!!! This has been in “human society” since forever!!!!!

So you are moral.

Think about how, if you choose, want this information to shape your life moving forward.

“What SHOULD be”; “How it OUGHT to be”; “How it WILL be”...
are all distractions from “what is”

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@Mrs Paul

@Mrs Paul

As a former catholic, I think I can put myself in your shoes to some degree..

MY loss of faith came at 20 because I stopped believing in Catholicism. Learning about pedophile priests and their prevalence at that time would have crushed me, and shattered my world.

I can barely imagine the mixture of powerful feelings. Of betrayal, of deep sadness and visceral rage.

So vent all you like.I for one will not ridicule nor make facetious comments. I suspect there may be a few others here of like mind.

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@Mrs. Paul Owczarek

@Mrs. Paul Owczarek

Rant away! Your alternative lyrics for "One Tin Solider" are great.

In a just world that criminal organization would be shut down, its leaders put on trial for crimes against humanity, and its assets sold off to compensate the victims.

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I blame Catholics: they

I blame Catholics: they should have prayed the pedophiles away.

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@Nyarlathotep: they should

@Nyarlathotep: they should have prayed the pedophiles away.

They're too busy praying for the second coming.

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Do Catholics believe in a

Do Catholics believe in a second coming?

boomer47's picture


Of course. Christianity is a failed millenarian movement. Jesus himself is reported as saying:

Luke 9:27 " But I tell you of a truth, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the kingdom of God. (KJV)

Jesus says several times in the gospels that he will return 'soon'. His disciples expected Jesus to return within their lifetime. When this didn't happen the early church de emphasised the second coming. The time of Jesus' return was quietly changed to some vague indeterminate time in the future and for all intents, dropped.

At my catholic school, the second coming was only ever mentioned in passing and generally ignored. Much like the book Of Revelations, which embarrasses catholics. We pretended it wasn't there. Today it's only some of the more extreme sects who get all exercised about the second coming and 'the rapture'. (about which I had never heard while I was at school)

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Thanks Cranky....that was my

Thanks Cranky....that was my general understanding, but I wasn’t sure.

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There was once a time in my

There was once a time in my life where I could easily handle three to five comings within a couple of hours. Nowadays, however, I am quite happy and satisfied with just one coming per day.

algebe's picture


Thrice nightly
Thrice weekly
Twice weekly
Tries weakly

boomer47's picture



"Thrice nightly
Thrice weekly
Twice weekly
Tries weakly"

I heard this from an old bloke (probably about 40) when I was at work:

"I may not be as good as I once was, but I'm good for once as I ever was"

My response to that today; "In my dreams'"

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The whole coming “soon” use

The whole coming “soon” use to bother me.

“Kids, running to grab some milk! Be back soon,”

Don’t return for 50 years (if ever)

“Where the fuck were you?!!!”

“Well, my idea of soon is different than yours”

BULLSHIT they use to feed us. God’s idea of soon was different than ours...but HE KNEW our “understanding” - WE DIDN’T know his!!!! Ya think he could have been more “specific”?!!!!

Now we know where Christians get their vagueness from.

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