Pope blesses the internet

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Pope blesses the internet

The Catholic Pope has blessed the internet, saying it is a 'gift from god'. What are your thoughts about this?

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Looking at is from a

Looking at is from a Christian standpoint, I don't really think you could call the internet and all of it spammers and smut a gift from God. From an outsider's standpoint, you could look at it as the Pope and Catholicism becoming more adapted to the times and maybe they will adjust some of their religious views to match.

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The internet does contain

The internet does contain some bad stuff, but for the most part, it is very good and we can all learn new and different things from it and connect with people from all over the world.

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Does anyone really know why

Does anyone really know why he did this? Was it a Vatican PR stunt or was there an actual reason for him to take the time to bless it and have the Vatican announce the blessing in a media conference?

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It's the 'gift from god' part

It's the 'gift from god' part I find disturbing and confusing. Is he inferring that his god inspired the creation of it? Is he inferring that without his god there would be no internet? Is he inferring that his god is responsible for it?
I absolutely agree that there is a lot of disturbing stuff one can access via the internet (snuff flicks and child porn come to mind immediately). That being the case, if he is inferring ANY of these things, then his god is responsible for tittilating people who are engaging in horrific crime.

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Yeah com'on, everybody knows

Yeah com'on, everybody knows it was a gift from Al Gore! Sheesh! ;)

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Anyway! I think what the the

Anyway! I think what the the most Popeular Christian was saying is that the tool of the internet like all tools was a gift from god, something for us to use with our free will and all. How we use it now is up to us. What he is saying in a way is the internet is good.

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I was pretty sure it was a

I was pretty sure it was a gift from Al Gore. Is he god?

... I might actually be able to roll with that one :)

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oh, thanks for such gift!lol!

oh, thanks for such gift!lol!

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