The rise of non-belief in the US

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The rise of non-belief in the US

I have been seeing a lot of "atheism/secularism is on the rise in USA" topics in different places.
Is this just another a media hype or can this really be happening?

"The Rise of Young Americans Who Don’t Believe in God"

"America’s Changing Religious Landscape"

It's about time people start to let go of childish fairy tails and embrace reality.

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I certainly hope so!

I certainly hope so!

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I think it is. I work in a

I think it is. I work in a grocery store. When I started a long time ago, I was the weirdo who didn't believe. Now a days, I have at least 6 other atheist in my same store. Young people just aren't buying into the bullshit anymore.

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The studies suggest to me

The studies suggest to me many people have no idea what category they belong to simply because they don't think about such stuff. I think that's going to be the way of it. Without the religious component people can peacefully espouse a belief in a god and it's all good. It's still kinda dumb but it's an acceptable step for a work in progress.

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"In Embarrassing Editorial,

"In Embarrassing Editorial, Oklahoman Staff Claims Decline in Christianity is Bad for Society"

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I really enjoyed the closing

I really enjoyed the closing sentence:

"Hell, it’s also a reason many people don’t think much of print newspapers. If this is the sort of drivel they’re producing — as an editorial, no less — why bother subscribing?"

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"In 1993, women comprised 16

"In 1993, women comprised 16 percent of atheists and agnostics. Today that number is closer to 50 percent"

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So Pragmatic, does that mean

So Pragmatic, does that mean women are smarter than men?

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I don't even understand the

I don't even understand the question. What are you getting at?

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Interesting...but 15.8% STILL

Interesting...but 15.8% STILL means that 84.2% STILL believe in this nonsense. We have a LONG way to go!!! As far as the people born after 1980...I think that could be because many of their PARENTS ( probably many of the people on this website...born in the 50's and 60's) are not shoving this crap down their kids throats like we had to endure in the generation before. Besides, everyone is too busy with work, and trying to make ends meet...the world has changed, and so has family life, in the last 30-40 we have BOTH moms and dads working, kids are more busy with activities at school.. things we didn't have as much of 50+ years ago.And think about it...these kids today are alot smarter...if someone gives them a bullshit story that they know in their mind is simply not possible, and tries to force them to believe it, they are more resillient, I think in todays world, to have their own mind about it. But as a whole, I think there are more and more people that just don't hold religion as important as before, and have less time for bullshit. Of course, I've heard theists complain that THAT is what is wrong with the world, and why terrible things happen...that there is not enough religion ( it has NEVER gone away...still most of the world prays to some type of God) They see religion as a guiding factor to goodness, and people behaving better. ( it dosen't work!!)

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