What do you mean by "infinit", dear Believer?

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What do you mean by "infinit", dear Believer?


Infinity, there is/are many mathematical definitions for it, you can use it as an hyperbole too.. But ascribing infinity(ies) to something physical, is it possible?

In my mind, and i could be wrong, infinity is close to "undefinite".

Why this thread? Because, our beloved christians, parangons of virtue and love, say that we are deserving of eternal punishment because we sin "AGAINST" an infinite entity?...

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Yep, eternal (infinite)

Yep, eternal (infinite) torture and torment for sinning (not believing) in an infinite entity certainly makes that entity a worthless <censored expletives> to worship. Would you theists not agree with that?


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Bag of shit? That's what you

Bag of shit? That's what you want to say? The point is more that how could you have a intelligible discussion about an entity with infinite properties?

I want to say too, that, if the Universe/Cosmos is actually finite, how could the physical properties of the monotheistic god be infinite?

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LMAO No. The <censored

LMAO No. The <censored expletives> were a lot worse. Thus the reason they are censored. But I since I did censor, anybody can stick anything in there, and more exquisite directions as to where they can stick their beliefs and what they can do with their deity.


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