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Fievel Mousekewitz "I

Fievel Mousekewitz "I believe in science, which has never proved a god exists, or ever existed."

I am dubious about that claim as well, you seem to be smoking hubris joints at the moment, it'll be your undoing. No one is picking on you, I and others are trying to make you understand that ALL claims require sufficient objective evidence.

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@Cranky: Doing your very

@Cranky: Doing your very best to be polite I see..... (Referencing the two edits).
... EDIT: Or is that just an inane assertion? LOL

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"@Cranky: Doing your very best to be polite I see..... (Referencing the two edits).
... EDIT: Or is that just an inane assertion? LOL"

Yair. Couldn't manage it in two posts so I gave up. My hope somebody would say something rational.
Sheldon did that, extremely well.

Still not convinced Fievel understands, going by : " I am just very sure a god doesn't exist"

--even though imo, Sheldon did a very good job if explaining the notion of the burden of proof.

@ Fievel ;Absurd claims will often be met with ridicule. Please do not mistake such ridicule as an attack against you personally.

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Fievel...I’ve said it before

Fievel...I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again....as god, I’ve decided to experience “limitation” -
So, TA-DA...I’m human!!!!

Prove me wrong! ;)

How about, you just don’t believe me until I prove my claim. Isn’t there somethings you just don’t believe either way? You may have opinions on stuff, prepare a certain way (like death) - and buddy - YOUZ high all the time?!?!????

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You know Feivel, I was

You know Feivel, I was thinking about you and how I ended the above post (YOUZ high all the time?!?!????)

The reason (and it’s no judgement) is that my online interactions with you posting is “you saying your high” AND dismissing your posts based on that.

Got me thinking...and again no judgement...is your pot smoking a “crutch” or an addiction, a way of not thinking through “painful” (an emotional judgement) thoughts or realities?

People use all sorts of things as crutches (just watch Hoarders, My 600 lb life, or there are shopaholics, homeless, “penny-pinchers”, gamblers, adrenaline junkies, sexaholics etc)
Now, eating, shopping, alcohol, financial setbacks or gains, gambling, sky-diving, sex ARE not negative or positive activities - BUT how we incorporate or “use” them give us a positive or negative result or consequence, depending on what we personally value.

Did what I write make sense?

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I want to know if anybody

I want to know if anybody agree with " MY " definition of god : god is an entity that has nothing to do with what ever things we can think of,
i know that i just called him an entity, but i can't help it, just for explenation purposes, why we can't describe him ? not because i don't have an explenation but i think because of this : language is a human thing, it has existed after god, even though i'm using time here but i can't help it again, everything existed after god can't be used to describe him, it means absolutly nothing to him, nor time means anything to him, future past and present are present to him.
so i can't agree with god is a father, in fact i think it's rediculous.

I dont know if anybody has came up with this but i think this is the definition that everybody should agree on, tell me where i messed up :)

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Forum has moved,,,

Forum has moved,,,


New and updated forum, use the link.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?

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should i go find this subjet

should i go find this subjet there or i can responde just here ?

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Howdy, Nogba. If you actually

Howdy, Nogba. If you actually want to discuss this, then you should go to the new site. This area is becoming more of an archive/ghost town. Nobody really comes over here anymore. If this specific topic isn't being discussed there at the moment, feel free to start a new thread for it.

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If so that would be great.

If so that would be great. Don't know what God will tell us? Will we be helped? https://uspstrackingnumber.co/


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