Adam Savage: No one is in Charge. And Honestly, That's Even Cooler

Adam Savage: No one is in Charge

No one is in charge. And honestly, that’s even cooler.

The idea of an ordered and elegant universe is a lovely one. One worth clinging to. But you don’t need religion to appreciate the ordered existence. It’s not just an idea, it’s reality. We’re discovering the hidden orders of the universe every day. The inverse square law of gravitation is amazing. Fractals, the theory of relativity, the genome: these are magnificently beautiful constructs.

-Adam Savage

Quote Source: Time Tech

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Often times I come across

Often times I come across someone who would tell me that this beauty is evidence of a grand designer, they tell me a variation of the following quote;

"Look all around you at this beautiful world at all of this beautiful creation and you can plainly see, that there is a God for how else could all this exist if it were not for the hand of God?"

I answer, "chance" to elaborate, things just fall into place, wherever there is imbalance things just fall into place, Survival I feel is a mechanism of the cosmic effort to seek balance which cosmically seems unreachable and its a good thing too for if cosmic equilibrium were to ever be achieved then all life and all movement would perish. Thing however fall into balance against forces of nature creating much of what we perceive to be beauty but it does not prove a grand designer and surely does not prove the existence of a God unless you define your God as and none other than the creation itself. which is just a culmination of chance being played out at what is believed by many to be infinitude.

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