Atheism isn't a new contestant in the game of 'pick Your religion'

Pick Your Religion

Atheism doesn't mean there's a new contestant in the game of 'pick your religion'. It means we've stopped playing your game.

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Being and Atheist, is like

Being and Atheist, is like when people play musical chairs with more chairs than there are participants only the chairs have fly paper and are called beliefs theist buzz around them in circles with a bunch of other theist waiting for the music to stop. When the music stops who ever wants to get stuck on some beliefs gets their chance. All the theist choose their favorite chair and get stuck on their beliefs.

We simply did not choose to play and rather choose to stand for ourselves, by ourselves and for ourselves observing this silly game, it's participants and the silly things they come up with, seemingly oblivious to the other chairs they could have chosen from. We get to observe with an open-mind it all and build our own chair free of fly paper with the tools to modify it as we see fit rather than sit down and get stuck grouped together we get to build our own beliefs rather than have them dictated to us by people who made them long ago..

For many of us it's not that we stopped playing, though some did break free, but some of us were never even playing it in the first place.

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