Atheist Attack on Believers

Believer Hurt

“It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what?”

- Stephen Fry

Quote Source: Rossowinch

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I was not always so offended

I was not always so offended by religion, the two most 3 most offensive I find in today's world to be Judeo based but as I became more active in the atheist community I was repetitively personally exposed to offensive behavior which is on par with anything we could ever say to a theist. Okay no harm no foul, I can dish it out, I can take it, but what really pisses me off is when they are so ignorant about the so called beliefs they attach themselves to.

To hear people who's religions are based of the OT, NT and Quran say things about how their sacred text are so great respectful of women and the word of Gawd and how their gods are peaceful loving kind ect. ect. is like oh boy here we go again, it is so tiring to deal with such blissful ignorance.

After basically being forced to if I would like to simply be an atheist with other atheist, constantly in order to deal with these people, arm myself with more knowledge about their religions, sacred text and current, ongoing and historical events related to the so the called peaceful wonderful religions they adhere themselves to, I have come to know more about their religions than there cheery picked personal Jesus and Mohammed delusions permit them to through their "God is superior and grand" filter despite all evidence of the deplorable thing religions even their own have done and continue to do right up to this day.

Err, I find it extremely offensive and it really grinds my gears.

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