Be someone's guardian angel now.

Be a Guardian Angel

You will not have the opportunity to make a difference after death, so be someone's guardian angel now.

- David Smalley

Quote Source: Dogma Debate

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Many people don't want a

Many people don't want a guardian angel so I usually just stay out of things that happen in other people's lives. After reading the point of this post, I does have me thinking that maybe I should do more and maybe I should offer my hand to those who are down. Maybe it will do some good.

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Personally I wonder what

Personally I wonder what exactly being a guardian angel is, I've been called one numerous times but the term always kind of annoyed me.

To me the term conjures images of It's a Wonderful Life i think it was, were in the beginning a very selfless guy is contemplating suicide after giving his life to the people of the town and never taking time for himself and winds up falling in a bad situation. The mans guardian angel appears and shows him what life would be like without him and how everyone's life is pretty much better with them in it. I do like this story and find it though maybe not as entertaining as some other stories aired year after year around Christmas time to be the one that should probably be aired most, simply because the holiday season is a very depressing season for many and suicide rates always go up around this time.

In this movie the Guardian angle watches over this man and is there for him in the time he needs it most right before he ends his life and the guardian angel convinces him his life is a wonderful life after all.

To me there were two guardian angels in this story one was the one there to watch over and protect this guy and the other was the guy himself who watched over and protected the town in way but in an hour of darkness thought everyone would better off without him or of he never existed at all.

I think all of us give our lives to ones we care about and kind of resent not taking enough time for ourselves from time to time. It's easy to think the world would be better without us and it would be easier to be dead. We all have those moment where we help perfect strangers too. I guess i have saved numerous lives in the past and been called a guardian angel in at least occasions but usually the term I think is thrown around to lightly. When opportunities present themselves for a person to be a guardian angel in the way the angel of this story did it kind of luck and not something you can do by just going today and doing it. The good Samaritan who dedicated his life to making everyone else life better in this story is achieving another form of being a guardian angel but at the cost of enjoyment in his life.

So with all this said, I say go out and do good deeds, be an awesome part of society in some small way a way that makes feel good about yourself but remember that your doing it for yourself because it makes you feel good and not because it will really make a difference or even really change the world. If more people did this we would all be much happier and those who weren't would see those who did being happier and when the time was right perhaps they could follow suit.

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