Beware those who only take instructions from their God

Instructions - Charles Bukowski

Beware those who only take instructions from their God for they have failed completely to live their own lives.

- Charles Bukowski

Quote Source: Hello Poetry

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you purposefully exist for

you purposefully exist for yourself, your family and all other people. You do not exist to be a slave to something bigger

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Yes. We don’t live to serve a

Yes. We don’t live to serve a purpose; we live to HAVE purpose. I don’t blame the people who think otherwise, as it is not THEIR fault that they were brainwashed into believing that they are bad, small, stupid, weak, broken, unworthy, can never do anything good without an invisible friend, and need saving from themselves, as it was not them, but the world’s various religious institutions that are at fault. It quite frankly breaks my heart to think about how parents are still taught that it is dutiful to tell their children such things.

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@Jackson Lee And that,

@Jackson Lee And that, precisely, is one of the first flaws that I found in religion, but at the time it wasn't enough to get me questioning yet.

I couldn't help but think that living to be subservient is no "purpose".

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