Christopher Hitchens: Why do you think they want prayer in schools?

Prayer in Schools

Why don't they call for prayer in the trains, or prayer in the stock exchange? They want it in schools. Why do you think they want it in the schools? Because they want a captive audience. They want an audience they can mold and can form. Well, they're not going to be allowed to have it.

- Christopher Hitchens

Quote Source: YouTube Clip

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People who want prayer in

People who want prayer in school are some of the scariest people that come to my mind. Some are convinced everything that's wrong with our country is because there is not prayer in school. These sociopaths don't even keep in mind that different people have different beliefs and they want to brainwash our children too.

There should be complete and enforced separation of church and state. If you want you kid to pray in school you should send them to a private school which teaches you kid how you want them taught. But don't enforce your beliefs on others.

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For many religious students,

For many religious students, advocating for prayer in schools is seen as a way to enhance the educational process. In tackling academic challenges, also the real help of professionals like extended essay writers from very important, ensuring swift and high-quality resolution to learning difficulties.

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