A church steeple with a lightning rod shows a lack of confidence

Church Steeple - Doug McLeod

I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence.

- Doug McLeod

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That's funny and I never

That's funny and I never thought about that, it s really hilarious.

Funny as that is, it really is true. A lightning rod surly at the very least does show a little lack of faith. Should people really put their faith in the words of someone who demonstrate a lack of faith on a regular or even weekly basis?

I think another thing churches do that shows lack of confidence is this constant need they have for money passing around a basket I mean with all these abandoned churches everywhere you imagine if they were worshiping the one true all powerful god that their god would have stepped in at some point and saved them you know materialized a pile of gold on the alter from time to time or something like that. Why does, if their church serves this all powerful entity, need money? George Carlin in one of his later comedy routines had pointed this out before

If this all powerful god will protects it's people why would it not protect the places where its people congregate to worship it from something as simple as lightening or financial demise. Furthermore, when a person conducts an act of terror against a church where is their god to stop it, or is it that there is no god the way they perceive it to be or is therein fact no god at all. I vote that their god is a made up concept devised to swindle money from the masses.

I like George Carlins joke where he says, there is no god and he is in fact so confident that he would wager that if he is wrong, may god strike this audience dead.

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