Dan Barker: Freethinkers reject faith as a valid tool of knowledge.

Freethinkers Reject Faith

Freethinkers reject faith as a valid tool of knowledge. Faith is the opposite of reason because reason imposes very strict limits on what can be true, and faith has no limits at all. A Great Escape into faith is no retreat to safety. It is nothing less than surrender.

- Dan Barker

Quote Source: Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist

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To have faith in something is

To have faith in something is to give up on using your ability to find the truth and instead substitute the truth for what you would rather believe the truth is, rather than actually confirming it with tangible evidence. Its the epitome of laziness and its a far different thing from trust.

Theist sometimes say to "Trust in God!" trust has its roots in the word truth ironically in order to trust in "God" one must have "Faith" or as some theist would suggest you must "Have faith in God" however if you go looking for the truth you will find no evidence that what they tell you about "God is true and lots of evidence that what they tell you about "God" is not true. So it is in fact or in truth possible to say that these "Gods" theist talk about are not truth but are in fact lies, which basically boils down to theist telling you to...

"Trust in Lies"

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