Exposing Children to the Grotesque Statue of a Crucified Man

Exposing Children

Children watching violence on tv, bad. Children in church seeing a lifelike grotesque statue of a crucified man, good. Makes sense?

- David Blickstein

Quote Source: David Blickstein on Twitter

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ouch, this is so true and a

ouch, this is so true and a nice slap in the face for christians.

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Yeah, a good point. also

Yeah, a good point. also worth considering, the bible has more violence than most books I can think of and history is filled with violence. So why exactly is violence on TV such a bad thing? After all, its just a reflection of what the people like to watch or find entertaining or at the very least it can be said violence captures our interest, but to say the least, not to have violence on television in today society would almost be a form of ignorance.

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When I was in kindergarten,

When I was in kindergarten, the convent where the young girls went to pray and meet the Headmistress had such gory crucifixes, much worse than I've seen in church since. Very graphic, especially for me since most churches I attended previously had the rough-hewn almost cartoonish crucifixes. I remember those disgusting bloody men... gave me nightmares for quite a while.

Not that kids don't need nightmares per se, but there is nothing about Christianity that I see would be *comforting* to children, as so many theists claim.

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It didn't really bother me at

It didn't really bother me at a young age and I'm not sure why. At that time, I knew the church as being a safe place and nothing bad would happen or would come of it. Our jaded youth, just what the churches like most.

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I alse was not bothered by it

I also was not bothered by it growing up and going to church weekly as a child but I find it ridiculous when you hear all these people complain on one hand that violence on TV is bad for children and then on the other hand force their children to go to church. Bothered no fascinated yes, personally I found the hanging, bleeding, sad, impaled, stake driven, looking defeated, skinny guy on the cross to be the most fascinating thing there and always wanted to sit up by the front so I could study it better. I was obsessed with art at that time and grew up in the eighties where there was lots of skulls and blood illustrated in the arts that influenced me most as I was growing up.

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