Eric from Philippines

Hi there! I'm Eric from the Philippines but is currently working and living in Thailand. I'm an ex-Christian. I was even a preacher before. My journey as an atheist began after watching the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate. I became really curious so I did some research, watched a couple more videos of Richard Dawkins and a few others, then it ultimately got and lead me to where I am now. My family doesn't know yet that I've completely given up my Christian beliefs. I've decided to keep things to myself for now because i thought my parents are getting old and I don't wanna make them worry about me. They're not deeply religious but I know they'd be distressed if they find out that I'm an atheist now. On a side note, they don't use Twitter so feel free to post my pic (lol). Anyway, I trust you are well, and keep up the good work! Cheers!

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