Imran from Pakistan

my name is Imran Niaz from Muzaffrabad kashmir and I am 22 years old my family is a religious family and some of them sport Hafiz Saeed who is terrorist some for the Osama bin Laden t I was in 9th class when I write my first book and a religious person who teaches Islamia start objection on my perk that this is not fair you cannot thought about God but i start asking question I decide to to leave Islam in 2019 I start receiving thread from different peoples I start joining debates I say I don't care about my life I don't care if anything happen to my friends on me the government of Pakistan and the Muslim community and religious people will be responsible because me and my friend received sad from different people we are going to homeless very soon and this stuff religious people will be responsible I don't care about that but I swear this is not fair my friend receive bears threads

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