An Iranian

First of all please do not write my name or email anywhere. We are susceptible to be arrested and executed as you know. I think Iran is the front-line of atheism. You wouldn't believe me. I wish I could translate " Why there is no god" . If there were a hand I would do that. Iranian at present need to such kind of information. Iran needs help.
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I feel very deep sympathy for

I feel very deep sympathy for you .Please be very careful don't share any personal info if you are in danger .

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My name is Daniel Petrus

My name is Daniel Petrus Grobler I am a very soft hearted person .I would kindly like to share some of my personal info to you but please don't share yours .I am 20 years old I was born in 2000.

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I enjoyed your article very

I enjoyed your article very much. Thank you for sharing it.

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If you believe that Iran is

If you believe that Iran is in need of help or information, there may be various organizations or resources available that focus on promoting knowledge and providing support in specific areas.

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