Lenard Austria from Philippines

Short Story: I'm christian before, but i notice, it just mind control religous group and control system. i thought worship is the key to happiness that's why i become athiest. so i decide to stay away those idiots population and not knowing what they are believing . sorry my bad english. please accept me in athiest. That's my example reason why i become athiest or non religous person. I was thinking if thier imaginary friend is real or isn't real. when i go to school my math teacher "richelle naval" is force me to pray and read the bible in the front of my classmates. and i hate that because i do not need that book to make my own personal morality because i was born with good moral and good attitude , they just can't accept my scientific thinking. they want me to believe in stupid fary tales. Thank you i hope you accept me. love you bye! ^_^

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