Mahmud from Bangladesh

Message:  It’s dangerous to declare yourself as ‘atheist’ in Bangladesh. Especially if you are vocal about social, religious injustice, hypocrisy. I have been threatened twice to death through Facebook and text. Almost 8-9 atheist bloggers have been hacked to death in last 4 years and the rest of the community fled abroad to save their lives. You might talk about security and justice. These have been mocked here. Anyone can file a case against you under section 57 of ICT act for hurting their religious sentiment. People are being arrested for posting statuses on Facebook (including the journalists). Government taking the ‘religious, political’ party into account who said earlier ‘its religious duty to kill atheists’. In a word, political leaders, law enforcement agencies, religious groups everyone is running after the atheists. It is better to shut your mouth or give your head to ‘them’ to be chopped off. Hard to believe? Just say you are an atheist in public or criticize Islam online/offline. You will believe me. ;)

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