Marxist from Pakistan

Religion playes a very bad role in my country. People are murdered for leaving Islam or saying something against the religon. But when asked to defend their faith in a debate, they fail to do so. They get emotional when they realise that they are a Muslim for a very few reasons: A) They were born into it. B) They never bothered to do their own research and come to a rational conclusion, rather they think because most of the people they know are Muslims, therefore this must be the ultimate truth. C) They fear living an eternity in hell (assuming hell might exist). D) Leaving Islam would make them an immoral person. Religon equals morality for them. Which infact is not true. This leaves them with only one solution and that is to kill the infedel. Kill those who talk about science, logic, rationality or freethinking. When they can't defend their world view in a logical way they start following the ways of the 7th century Arabs. P.s I don't use my real name on social media. You can follow me on Insta @marxist_0_ I post stuff relating atheistism, islam and politics etc.

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