Naser from Sweden

Is god alive? We are all human beings. Life will be much more valuable and more beautiful without war and strife, narrow mindedness, hatred, discrimination. Since childhood we have been brainwashed through religion, the existence of god and other religious rituals. I have begun to doubt all religious teachings I have been forced to follow. We must realize and see that reality is something else, what we see and feel in our existence is a fact. We are born sometime and we will die some day, that is the truth. But we human beings look for promises and unlikelihood. Promises that are hollow make life hard for us human beings. We have been promised Paradise if we follow religious rituals and otherwise we will end up in Hell. I feel that everything is only sheer lies. Has anyone actually returned from death to tell us about Paradise and religious laws and rules? Some believe that man is from Paradise and then I really wonder why in that case religion promises us that we will end up in Paradise if we follow religious laws and rules. All these destructive rules make us human beings feel worthless and hollow without religion. We humans believe that we are the best creatures on earth, but what is happening to all other living creatures, like animals and plants which feed us? Do they also have a god who judges them? Do they end up in Paradise or Hell? We consume them because we are better living creatures! I think of all the people who die in war and fight in Asien and ............., why does the good god want it like that? Why must they offer their lives for the religious sermons they have heard their entire lives? Why in that case must god teach his creation to kill or start wars for their belief? These questions are answered by fanatic leaders by oppression and threats. I have understood that the existence of god is only a tale, which religious leaders use as a complete lie to deceive ordinary people. For example, they shout loudly god's name in order to behead or hang people who according to they themselves have not followed their made up divine rules. These fanatics oppress and attack people with their manipulative teachings in order to be able to rule naive and common folk. What is the solution? Should we take up arms and murder all or should we wait for a new prophet with the spirit of god and new revelations? Why has god sent prophets? Why were they removed? We human beings have created prophets and imams and all other religious leaders. According to me, religion is something that people have come up with on their own. If there is a god I wonder why people are in conflict with each other. Maybe there is a god, but I myself have never experienced this or had a feeling that god exists. Naser Nazari 19 Sweden  

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