Paulo from Portugal

Hello people I've been an atheist since July 2016 and let me tell you right off the bat just how good it feels not to believe in a fictional character who has control over my life and destiny I absolutely detest every single religion and their respective institution in existence, for all the suffering and misery they have inflicted on humanity. If it were up to me, I'd ban every religion in existence and I wouldn't feel one inch of guilt. You know why? Because morality is merely a construct of the human mind as opposed to a law of nature, to distinguish between good and evil, but that it's easy to distinguish what religion is all about and their own creation of morality contradicts them. I have much more to say but if anybody and especially those in Portugal (where I live at the moment) wish to chat and critique religion alongside me, just follow me on Instagram As for everyone else reading this, I thank you for your time

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