Shane from Philippines

The ubiquity of religious belief in my country astounds me. It shouldn’t be so difficult to figure out that Catholicism is as silly and superstitious as any other religion, or to see through its hypocritical veil. Filipinos should be angered that they’ve been duped for generations by a religion forced unto them by Spanish colonists. It should enrage them that they’re being regularly exploited by a Church that calls itself morally superior despite being the single largest coddler of child molesters in the world. Instead, I just see a lazy lack of desire - or even apprehension - from most Catholics to peruse the evidence that’s already there, and decide for themselves whether their religion really is as saintly as it advertises itself. As a lapsed Catholic for the exact reasons I laid out above, I’m thankful to have met a good number of Filipinos who are just as appalled by the blind religiosity and indoctrination here. They give me hope for this country, even as I plan to move abroad and leave it behind. I truly wish more Filipinos would look to science for guidance, instead of religion. Seriously: it’s a much more realistic endeavour, and infinitely more fulfilling. Catholicism can tout itself as the door to salvation all it wants; it still won’t save us from climate change.

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