Simo from Morocco

I live in a country with little respect of human rights. A country where you might get jailed, assaulted of even lynched by a mob if you come up as an atheist. That's how religion corrupts the human mind. My journey with atheism started years ago, from being a believer, who seldom did practice religion but believed in a creator, to an atheist to a believer to an agnostic to finally a full fledged convinced atheist almost 3 years ago. It took me a long time of reading and research to come to this conclusion. But here I am now, a moral nihilist, a humanist and a hedonist who sees religion as nothing by intellectual suicide. Everyday, in this month of Ramadan I pretend to be fasting at work and outdoors to avoid problems, water from the sink faucet of the bathroom is my secret ally. Thankfully I live by myself and I eat when I'm home. Only a few friends know of my atheism. My family didn't accept it, so in order to stay in good terms with them I told them that I'm still a believer but that "I have doubts". Sometimes I sit and wonder, how do so much people believe in all those fairytales around the world... How these fairytales impact their psyche and their lives so much... and how in the name of those fairytales they can commit hideous atrocities with a clear conscious... Although I know parts of the answer, but I still wonder.

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