A free-thinker has no misconceptions about death

No misconceptions about death

A believer approaches death with the desire to present himself or herself as a victim deserving of revenge. A free-thinker carries no perverted fantasies, only bittersweet memories.

- Nirav Mehta (Atheism Does Not Aim to Take Away Hope)

Quote Source: Atheism Does Not Aim to Take Away Hope

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I am not sure I agree with

I am not sure I agree with this, some people I am sure some who are believers of such things as Judaism Christianity and Muslim faith and believe in a rewarding afterlife approach death with the desire to present themselves as sinners who are worthy of redemption so they don't go to some alternative Hell.

With all the various rules in the bible that say you will burn in hell fire, it is nearly impossible to get through life without being guilty of breaking some of the rules. to do so you would need a team of people to guide you. Even the ten commandments are a tall order before you get into Leviticus. Of course your suppose to confess your sins but the question would be can you even keep track of them. Leviticus has some rules most of can agree are good rule to follow but some are insane Many so called believers pick and choose whats convenient and ignore all that carazy stuff but it's there. Some people even believe the bible was dictated by god. Ever touch a foot ball its made of pigskin can't touch this, that's a sin, do have any tattoos that desecration of property of the Holy Spirit also a sin, yeah your body does not belong to you. If you believe in the god that is referred to in the old testament good luck in today's society.

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