God gets credit for good things but not the responsibility of the bad.

Religious People - Jaclyn Glenn

Religious people...give God credit for all the good things...but when it comes to the bad stuff, they never take any responsibility for it, and if they do, they say that God is using that terrible event for some sort of greater purpose, or they just blame it on someone else, or they say he's working in mysterious ways.

-Jaclyn Glenn

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My uncle once told me that if

My uncle once told me that if God was responsible for the good, then he has to get the blame for the bad, too. iF something good happens to someone, they will give god all the credit. But if something bad happens, he somehow is no longer responsible. I am a cancer patient. When my checkups, and/or treatments were working for a while, everyone would say,' SEE, OUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING, god is taking care of you." But when the treatments stopped working, or something went wrong with my checkups, as has happened several times, no one had an answer for me. did god suddenly stop "taking care of me." Did I do something wrong, or did HE stop liking me? If some atrocity has occurred, it is said that it is "in Gods plan," to justify allowing something bad to have happened.He's got a hell of a blueprint... what possible plan could he have for the abuse, murder, starvation, and disease of children?

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