Gods Always Behave Like the People who Created Them

Gods Like The People Who Created Them

Gods always behave like the people who created them.

- Zora Neale Hurston

Quote Source: Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica

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Religion can't be equal to

Religion can't be equal to humanity

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I find this one interesting

I find this one interesting and wonder how much the gods created by man act like their creators or how their creators wish they would act in a better version of themselves. This makes me think if there was a god and it created life would it try to make a better version of itself or a worse version if it would try to make a better version and it was itself immortal, then would it not make its creations immortal. This leads me to think that if a god made all life we know not to be immortal was not the final draft or otherwise the god that created life has been dead a long time.

I wonder if one day soon through science we may unlock the secret to living a couple hundred years? I know it makes sense that we could considering many animals live 7 times their developmental phase and humans don't live nearly as long. Considering we stop growing in our 20s at least 140 should be reasonably obtainable. But with aid of our creations like machine ware and advances in medical science I imagine we could extend our lives well beyond 140 and possibly reach much higher age limits.

If somehow we do find a way to replace ourselves piece by piece and live on forever at what point will we no longer be ourselves and will or will will not we know because it's likely nobody else will including our bodies which may well be able to live on without us thinking themselves to be us.

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