Hemant Mehta: It’s not narcissistic to say you’re an atheist

Its Not Narcissistic to Say Youre Atheist

It’s not narcissistic to say you’re an atheist when everyone around you has no problem wearing their cross necklaces, talking about how theyre praying for good luck or baptizing their children, and there’s a church on every block.

- Hemant Mehta

Quote Source: Patheos

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I honestly never really had

I honestly never really had the thought cross my mind that it was narcissistic to say I am an atheist. I do wonder if it is to some degree, I never thought it was narcissistic for a theist to go around doing or saying things that made it clear they were a theist either. to say I am an atheist is not to say I worship myself it is not an introverted stance. To say I am god awful intelligent good looking may be and may be true to boot, my fixation on this fact may make me sort of a narcissist and the desire to proclaim it in the face of differing opinions (which rarely exist) may stem from narcissism since it is focused on my opinion of myself. But for me just saying what I am which is an atheist is not narcissistic as it would be to say I am an atheist because I am smarter which may be true but totally focuses on the fact that I am smarter than most theist.

Note: I'm just kidding to illustrate a point so don't get your Jesus up in a bunch. The point is an atheist thinking they are better then a theist or vise versa a theist thinking they are better then an atheist because of their beliefs or lack thereof is narcissistic though being or not being a theist simply makes you a theist or an atheist its just a simple fact and does not make one a narcissist you may find yourself in situations where it is totally necessary an not narcissistic to say so.

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