I am amazed that I ever believed Christian notions - Dan Barker

Belief in Christian Notions

The longer I have been an atheist, the more amazed I am that I ever believed Christian notions.

- Dan Barker, Losing Faith in Faith

Quote Source: Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist

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Yeah I can relate to this, I

Yeah I can relate to this, I am actually dumbfounded at what I once believed when I was a gullible child. Dumb as a brick I was. I even responded to learning the truth by becoming too skeptical of everything for a while. But the more I leaned truly the more amazed I am that I ever lacked the judgement to come to soundly based conclusion and to truly think for myself.

Perhaps I should go a little easier on theist than I do to they lack the ability to see the truth until they gain the ability to understand the difference, its just hard to live with knowing all the damage theist cause when you know they are doing it for no better a reason than ignorance. They are ignorant like I once was, before I learned to find the truth and know the difference between baseless claims and and true understanding. Thanks Dan Barker for reminding me of this.

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