I can’t be tolerant of an ideology that perpetuates hatred.

Idealogy Perpetuating Hatred - Casper Rigsby

“If I am tolerant of an ideology that perpetuates hatred, then I am complicit in the acts of hatred that arise due to that ideology. It makes me a facilitator and an accomplice, and I simply can’t accept that position. I won’t accept that position.”

- Casper Rigsby (Did You See What God Just Did To Us, Man?)

Quote Source: Did You See What God Just Did To Us, Man?

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Good luck with that one

Good luck with that one Casper you will have quite the battle ahead of you for the rest of you life if you going to go around being intolerant of ideologies. every waking and sleeping moment there are ideologies that perpetuate hatred going on all around us to be a facilitator or accomplice with the way society is set up is not a choice we all are whether we like it or not and to to be intolerant would be a n all out world wide war which of course would be hard to fight without some hatred.

I am open to hearing some suggestions of how to change the worlds systems in a non hateful way but honestly even if it were possible as real success came about people would likely turn filled with hate as they were confronted constantly with those who would hate their otherwise peaceful efforts.

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