I'm not Convinced That Faith can Move Mountains - William H. Gascoyne

I'm Not Convinced Faith Can Move Mountains

I'm not convinced that faith can move mountains, but I've seen what it can do to skyscrapers.

- William H. Gascoyne

Quote Source: Atheist Acrimonious Page 165

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I imagine faith could be used

I imagine faith could be used to move mountains but I feel faith is definitely something more often used to draw sides of conflict. I wonder when people will learn that they are being used by those who profit from the grouping of one group of individuals and the alienation of another. These middlemen, opportunist make massive profits supplying deficiencies formed as the need arises when an issue becomes one side versus the other.

Just take football for example, you got one team from a college and another from another college you get all the people who profit from the competition and supply gluts such competition provides. Contractors to build the stadium, box offices to fill the seats, gear producers to make gear, analyst to improve the player performances, vendors to sell food, Bookies to place bets between people who wish to bet their team will win for a cut of the action, and this is all friendly competition. Now imagine the (prophets) to be mad from war.

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