It is not time for us to change. It is time for Islam to leave.

Free Pass for Islam

If Islam is offended by free speech, gay marriage, women's rights, euthanasia, democracy bacon and genuine human rights, it is not time for us to change. It is time for Islam to leave.

- Jurian Janssen (Multiculturalism: A Free Pass for Islam)

Quote Source: Multiculturalism: A Free Pass for Islam

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Yeah Islam either needs to

Yeah Islam either needs to evolve pronto or go the way of the dinosaur, but its not just Islam this goes for everything including political ideologies . We are constantly faced with scary ideologies that threaten these important basic human evolutions. It is amazing how many people who live in this world are so held back by the ideologies they have been exposed to and continue to propagate pushing their seeds of closed-minded wisdom everywhere they go.

Show me a man who has convinced you to think he has all the answers and I will show you a fool. Right after you buy this ocean frontier property I got for sale in Arizona, it's cheap, only a few grand;)

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