Keira Knightley: If I wasn't an atheist…

If Only I Wasnt Atheist

Keira Knightley

It’s absolutely extraordinary. If only I wasn’t an atheist, I could get away with anything. You’d just ask for forgiveness and then you’d be forgiven.

- Keira Knightley

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LOL, whats even funnier is

LOL, whats even funnier is the concept that they think we think as atheist that we can get away with anything because we have no morals to bind us or gods to answer to. As if we don't live in a world of consequence.

In the end they get to go to the same place we do but they think they can just go around doing whatever they want and in the end if they are truly sorry they can be forgiven by some supernatural force which permits them entry into a world filled with absolute joy of loving some creator mad up by creation long ago. In fact they are so convinced of this they have convinced themselves they can go around being jerks to all of us and in the end this supernatural force will be happy they were such jerks to us as they tried to convince people their version of the "truth" was the the one true version and everyone else was wrong.

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