Matt Dillahunty: I'll live for me and for other real people, not God.

What Do You Live For

I'll live for me and for other real people. Until some god gives me five minutes of their time...they deserve none of mine.

- Matt Dillahunty

Quote Source: Twitter

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Yep. Apparently God would

Yep. Apparently God would only talk to people during the Biblical times, but now I guess we are better off without hearing his word. He was chatty, but now overlooks us, and how is there proof he exists again?

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I find it pathetic how

I find it pathetic how desperate people are to believe in fantasy. Being brainwashed to believe these ridiculous tales from when we are children in my view opens the door for breeding weak minded people, making people vulnerable to other scams such as psychics, and psychic mediums ( creeps who've been proven frauds going back 150 years...there is a trick to everything... look it up) whose only "gift" is taking peoples money by praying on weak minded people at their most vulnerable time, dating scams on the internet, money scams, anything. People WANT to believe and cling to fantasy... any outlandish thing that they think will bring them satisfaction. They choose to live in a world that they've made up, and wish it could be, but is not.

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